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Q. What is Waheguru ?

Ans. This greatest question in the mind of man will remain ever unanswered because we can only know Waheguru but we cannot tell what He is. In Gurbani, there is a simple example to explain why no one can answer this question. A mute person, after tasting sugar, knows the taste, enjoys it and expresses it through a smile. But being unable to speak, he cannot tell a word about what sugar is like. Waheguru is love, hence immensely sweet, many times more sweet than anything in this world. Holy persons love Waheguru; they enjoy its sweetness but cannot say anything by which we can know and understand Waheguru. There is no language and nothing available in this world which can be quoted to describe Waheguru. Therefore, only smiles, howsoever incomplete or unrepresentative they may be, have been mentioned by holy persons. That is the best they can do to tell their mystic experiences of the spiritual world to those living in this mundane world.

Q. If everything is in Waheguru’s hands then why does Waheguru not stop us?

Ans. Waheguru does stop us from doing bad things. He has his own ways; we have to understand them. Imagine that while jumping you sprain your ankle. It gets swollen and it gives you much pain. That is Waheguru’s way to force rest on us. When you get sick, you become weak and do not wish to move about; rather one feels like remaining on bed. That is what Waheguru wants you to do to get into good health.

The same principle works on a larger scale too. If a king is inefficient or unjust, the people replace him. May be a neighbour King will attack him, defeat him and take over his kingdom for better management.

Sometimes we do not know the greater plan of Waheguru and we may not be clear about the part assigned to us. We are supposed to perform our duty with the competency given to us. The world is a huge drama conducted and directed by Waheguru. In a drama, an actor is required to act according to the will of the director, and not according to his own likings.

In this world, the director, Waheguru, has assigned all kinds of duties to different people. Waheguru may make them rich, poor, a scholar, common street man, handsome or handicapped. But these should not matter while we do the duty assigned to us. Wherever we are placed, we should do our duty honestly, sincerely and devotedly, neither being jealous of others nor suffering from any ego.

Q. Even if there is a God, why should people worship him?

A. We do not bribe or oblige God, when we worship him. If one is swimming in a pool, he does not oblige the water or the pool, he is enjoying himself. To worship God is to revel in His virtues and to be benefited by them. We do not worship God to benefit Him. He does not need anything from us, not even His worship. We do it for our own benefit. The sun does not benefit if we sit in the sun and enjoy its warmth. When we worship God, we sit in the sun of His virtues to benefit from them and not to please Him.

Waheguru is a great Teacher. We receive many things from Him, even our body is a gift of Waheguru to us. When we offer money or we bow our head to the Guru Granth Sahib describing the virtues of Waheguru to us, we do not oblige Waheguru, we express our gratitude and thanks to him. It is wrong to think that we can give anything to Waheguru. We are always receiving unlimited favours from Him.

Worship of Waheguru means to love Waheguru, to love His virtues and to love truth. The purpose is that these good qualities and virtues become a part of our life. These virtues will keep us happy and blessed with favours of Waheguru.

Q. God has no shape, form or body and is never born and He never dies. If nobody can describe God, how could the Gurus do that?

A. The Gurus have told us about the greatness and the limitlessness of Waheguru. The Gurus have written hymns describing the virtues of Waheguru but it does not mean that they described the limits of Waheguru or His virtues. They taught us how to sing His praises and how to benefit from them. They showed us the path to Waheguru. It does not mean that they have presented Waheguru in totality to us. One can feel Him, enjoy Him, but cannot limit Him in words.

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