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Merciful Guru!


Guru ji you give me a sense of security.

When I feel trapped and so lonely.

When I feel I have no one to turn to.

Seems like you always come through.

Bless me with you true vision.

So I can see your glowing face in Contemplation.

Have mercy and fulfil my hearts needs.

Do Kirpa so I can awaken from this deep sleep.

You are my guide to live a good life.

You are my soul you have the control.

You are my heart so we are never apart.

You are my mind for the rest of my life.

I sleep thinking about you.

I eat thinking about you.

I cry with joy thinking about you.

And I will die thinking about you.

Please be merciful and forgive me for my actions.

I realise I have to fight these daily temptations.

Unlock me from this bond of desire for Maya.

Free me from the cycle of the unfaithful, backstabbers and liars.

From: Manbir Kaur

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