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Bhai Mota and the $1 Million lottery

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Bhai Mota and the $1 Million lottery.


There once lived a man whose name was Bhai Mota. As his name implies, he was quite mota. His doctor had warned Bhai Mota's wife that Bhai Mota was a heart patient and all upsetting news - good or bad - could lead to Bhai Mota's heart attack and therefore should be kept from him.

As it turned out, Bhai Mota was very lucky, in that he won a million-dollar lottery. The lottery company called Bhai Mota's home; luckily his wife picked up the phone. She, naturally, was very excited. However, she was very worried that this news would overwhelm her man and possibly cause a problem to his weak heart. So she decided to consult the family sant - who was none other than Puran Giani Dhiani Sant Mota Daas jee.

Sant Mota Daas jee listened to her and told her not to worry and that she should send Bhai Mota to him. "What is maya but a fleeting cloud?" he added. Greatly thankful, she sent her husband to the Sant. Sant Mota Daas jee talked to Bhai Mota for about an hour on the transistory nature of maya. "We are not going to take anything with us in the beyond-world," he stressed.

Finally, when the man was sufficiently updeshed-out, Sant Mota Daas jee casually said, "What would you do if you were told that you won a million dollars?"

Bhai Mota thought for a while before replying: "I am not sure. But one thing I know, I will give 10% of it to the greatest spiritual person I know - and that, my respected sir, would be you."

Sant Mota Daas jee had a heart attack!!!

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