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Death is close, Naam Jap

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There once was a young student who went everyday to

visit a wise and spiritually blessed old man. Each

day after school the boy would visit and listen to the

old man narrate the Guru teachings and in turn he

would help the old man with chores. The old man would

always be very happy to see the boy. However one day

the boy came to the old man's home as he did everyday.

Upon entering the old man summoned him to his side at once. The old man had a grave look on his face. After sitting the boy down he started

"Dear boy tommorrow you will die and visit me no longer, you will not see the sun rise, not hug your parents and siblings, not eat a morsel of food as this is your final day on earth."

The boy began to weep loudly.

"Why are you crying?" the old man said, "I told you, that you have the rest of the day to live, why don't I start our daily lesson?"

"Baba Ji, leave me be" cried the boy. "Let me say my final farewell to my family and friends, please."

"Very well" said the old man, "but remember you have little time left."

The boy raced home and told his familiy and friends the wise mans phrophecy. Everyone wept and embraced him. After he could shed no more tears, he went to his bed room and began to watch the clock. "Only 6 hrs left to die," he thought to him self. Then only 3 hours left, then 5 minutes left and the old man came inside his room.

"Let us talk," said the old man.

"You want to waste time talking"? said the boy "I am going to die soon!"

"God can make anything can happen in a second and you have 5 minutes left so lets talk," said the old man.

"Ohh Baba leave me alone and let me die in peace. I am in soo much regret of my past deeds!" cried the boy.

"Very well,but answer one question and then i'll leave you alone," said the old man. The boy agreed.

"In this day did you slander anyone's name, speak unpleasantly to anyone, harm someone, lie, or committ any sin?" said the old man.

"No all i thought about was dying" said the boy.

"How can I do anything else?"

"That is the lesson I was trying to teach you" said the old man. The way you have not done anything wrong in the last 24 hours is the same way i have done nothing wrong in the last 46 years!"

Moral: the human body is a time bomb waiting to go

off, we should jaap Naam as much as we can and not

waste our golden chance of human birth in sins and


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