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Waaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa

Waaheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

As we all know the situation in Iraq is deplorable as innocent people of all faiths are being kidnapped and killed. My friends just came back from Punjab and told me about a Sikh truck driver that was kidnapped and murdered In Iraq. He worked for a Kuwaiti trucking company. He has left behind a wife and two young children and they are on the verge of becoming homeless because the Kuwaiti trucking company is refusing to compensate them and the INdian government is doing nothing as well. Another Sikh truck driver escaped and came back to pUnjab and told of the cruel treatment of Punjabi Sikh truck drivers in Kuwait. He said that the Kuwaiti trucking companies are forcing Sikh truck drivers to take shipments to Iraq and if they refuse they are brutally beaten and their passports are held forcefully so they cannot go back to India. He said that the Sikh drivers are being abused very badly and the INdian government is doing nothing about it.

The Sikh driver who had been killed sold most of his land to get to Kuwait. Now after the sad events his family is left behind with no aide.

We need to find out what is going on. If theINdian government is not doing something well I think we need to do something. Write to our leaders and try to help these struggling families out. The SGPC which handles millions of dollars of Charawa can help such people but their infighting never ends and basically they are incompetent. We really need to do something.

First of all I need someone to verify this story and try to found out more. If we can get more info on such matters it would be a huge help. Thanks.

Waaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa

Waaheguru Ji Ki Fateh!


Also check out their current campaigns, we can help in these too:



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