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when Baba Ishar Singh Ji transformed into a fiercewhite lion

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Dhan Baba Ishar Singh Ji mharaj

Once upon a time in Nanaksar Thaath gurudwara , There were 28 day- sampat path going on . The maryada of these paths is very strict .

This was a lot of jap tap going on .

But kalyug wants that people should not do bhakti . he wants them to indulge in vishe vikar .

so he tried to bhang the path by posing many problems in front of paathis ingh . Baba ji were in charge of these paths going on .

So wt happened .

Pathi singhs were doing path from guru ji.Kalyug made a roop of a very big wild bull . He tried to scare the pathis . He started running towards them to kill them or scare them . baba ji knew wt ws going on .

he immeditaely transformed into a very big white colored lion .

The lion ws pure white . and the nails on the paws were of golden color . The tail was like a razo sharp sword .

And the kalyug was scared out of his senses and so afraid that he ran away .

In this way babaji helped in preventing any mishappening .

baba nand singh ji had already told baba ji that kalyug is always scared of the path of sukhmani sahib .so baba ji had alreday started 24 hrs sukhmani sahib in a separate room near sarovar in nanaksar jagraon .

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This story is good. But I find it similar to "saleda" people come across during farming in India, which is known to have ability to change "roop"...

I came across one and it was scary.

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