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No other race is as brave as the Sikhs are

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"No other race is as brave as the Sikhs are..."

From Sikh religion, history and character, I am overwhelmingly influenced to resign from my high job, so as to make a deeper research. No other race is as brave as the Sikhs are. No other religion is as Humane, on Principles, as the Sikh religion is. Sikh sense of living is the purest of all. Gurbani is a source of Comforting Peace and unity of all. Unlike the scriptures of other creeds, Sikh scriptures do not contain love stories or accounts of wars waged for selfish considerations. They contain sublime truths, the study of which cannot but Elevate the Reader spiritually, morally, and socially. There are least things of sectarianism in them. They teach and inspire the believer with an ambition to Serve his fellow men, to sacrifice all and die for their sake. Macauliff further observes: Many of the great teachers of the world have known, have not left a line of their own composition, and we only knew what they taught through tradition or second hand information. If Pythagorean wrote any of tenets, his writings have not descended to us. We knew the teachings of Socrates only through the writings of Plato and Xenophone. Buddha has left no written memorials of his teaching. Kung fu-tze, known to Europeans as Confucius, left no documents in which he detailed the principles of his moral and social system. The Founder of Christianity did not reduce his doctrines to writing, and from them we are obliged to trust the gospels according to Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. The Arabian Prophet did not himself reduce to writing the chapters of the Quran. They were written or completed by his adherents and followers. But the compositions of the Sikh Gurus are preserved and we know first hand what they taught. They employed the vehicle of verse, which is generally unalterable by copyist, and we even become in time, familiar with their different styles. No spurious compositions or extraneous dogmas, can therefore be represented as theirs. Based on the Unity of God, it rejected Hindu formulations and adopted an independent -ethical system. It would be difficult to point to a religion of Greater Originality or to a more comprehensive ethical system.

By Macauliffe (Dy. Commissioner)

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