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Prem Ki Jit! - by Kamalla Rose Kaur

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Prem Ki Jit!

by Kamalla Rose Kaur

Far as I can see Sikhi is pretty much the only major religion in this World that is Universalist, non-sexist, not-racist, anti-caste and class, and set up, by Guru Gobind Singh, to be non-authoritarian, meaning it is an anti-cult movement as well! Guru Nanak and Guru Gobind Singh fought against Baboon Troop social dynamics (authoritarian hierarchies) way back in a time and place where this was still hopeless. Yet, because of them, women do NOT sit in the back of Sikhi.

Meanwhile I was raised in a Protestant Christian culture where the basic dogma IS highly sexist, exclusive, non-Universalist etc. Yet Protestant Christians are WAY ahead of every other religion on Earth in empowering women into equal authority with their men. Thus even though at the level of core belief, women in the West are constantly fighting Eve's battle, Christianity is the best choice for women in a practical sense. We can speak from the pulpit within Christianity.

Of course, throughout the World women are more religious than men are. Women pray and meditate more, attend Temples and Churches more, do more seva, and we keep the charities going. Women are far less likely to misuse power when we attain it. Far less likely to sell our souls for sex, $tuff and/or power. We have Worldwide better statistics when it comes to resisting the urge to murder and rape and every other criminal activity. Women start less wars.

This is not to say that women are better than men in all areas, but in the area of ETHICS the data is clear and profound. And the reasons for this has to do with Baboon Troop mentality as much as anything else. Men, to be good men, need to give up the urge to be Alpha Male, King of the Castle, Guru and CEO. Women, in order to help men, to help our planet, to help Sikhi, help ourselves and our children, need to give up the idea that we NEED men and that we are in competition with other women for men's attention.

This is distinct from whether women WANT men- we do- or rather we want our ONE man. But we want men, Fathers, Brothers, Husbands, Uncles, Nephews, and Sons who are "good guys", men who can quickly and easily disband the Baboon Troop, authoritarian hierarchies, for the sake of Sikhi and the planet.

Sikhi is on a World stage now and it is embarrassing to say that Sikhi is a Universalist, non-sexist, non-racist, anti-cult, anti-caste and anti-class MOVEMENT when the truth is that Sikhi looks like a regional traditional sect from the Punjab India- prone to cults, stuck with arranged marriages (the ultimate caste/class game), sexist and with a tendency to sound mighty racist quite a lot of the time too!

Sikhi needs a unifying, pro-active cause, something we can all get behind and work together on. We need something to show the World (that has forgotten our incredible history and ignors our present persecution) how amazing Sikhs are!

And what better cause than Sikhi itself? What better way to share our tradition and our strength and our huge capacity to fight for the right, than to declare that Sikhi is a Universalist, non-sexist, non-racist, anti-cult, anti-caste and class, religion, and then PROVE it?

The World doesn't believe anything like this is possible, of course. To go quickly from a traditional male dominated, superstitious, authoritarian Baboon Troop society, to being the kind of culture Guru Nanak was dreaming of? To transform into being the kind of religion that women the World over could feel excited, supported, empowered and happy to join? To be the kind of movement that teaches that change and transformation are possible in this World? To have Sikhi suddenly show it's stuff and take it's place as a major World religion and force?

My Western friends think I am totally crazy and most the Sikh men I deal with have a "there there child" tone in their responses to me as well. But to quote a very famous and beloved Western visionary " You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one..."

Sikhi has a tradition of doing amazing acts of righteousness. Only Sikhi has this tradition. Who else but Sikhs can teach the lesson that only Sikhi teaches? Mind you, I am not interested in converting the World to Sikhi. That is NOT what is important at all. Yet this Planet desperately NEEDS Sikhi. This Planet needs Sikhs to do what Sikhs do best- for the glory of Universalism and the love of the human potential, MORE than for the Glory of Sikhi.

Only Sikhs have ever run into battle screaming PREM KI JIT (Love Be The Victory)! Before materialism and Baboon Bosses succeed in conquering Sikhi and the World, and destroying GOOD simply for their own ego-gratification, why not fight?

Prem Ki Jit

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