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Sukhmani Sahib Animation.............!


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I myself and Khalsa veer ji were talking about animation he made previously- japji sahib, rehras sahib ji, Shalok Nauva, Har Simriti etc.

He will post a link in a bit so that sangat can see his work...its really nice...lot of youths can benefit from it very much...i gave it to my few freinds ..they loved it dearly!!...

Now we are just wondering to make animation of Sukhmani Sahib- Divide into two files- 1) 12 Ashtapadiya's 2) 12 Ashtapadiya's ... make it full set of Sukhmani Sahib..since its a long gurbani...veer ji might need some help(ie-brainstorming, actual coding) from programmers here.

so please leave you feed back , ideas how to go about doing seva...any feed back at all should be most welcome!! :D

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dear Veer N3O Singhji & Veer Khalsa Ji, wjkk wjkf. I highly appreciate your efforts of animated Sukhmni Sahib, which will be different kind of great service to Guru Nanak Naam Leva,s. Though I am not so technical in PC prog. yet I will check if I could give any assistance to you towards this mission. Our prayers are always for you & the team for always Charhdi Kala. Yours brother, chhinderpalsingh.

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