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Shalom I am new ti the site


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Welcome bro to the site, I hope this site will help you understand about Sikhism.

But first all I would like to say openly, we're not Muslim, we're not even a Muslim sect, we're not Hindu or even a Hindu sect, but we do believe in the brother/sister hood of Human kind, we dont look at other people of different religions differently, we dont exercise hate, we dont even have missionaires, we dont believe our religion to be better or worse to any other religion. We're all equal in the eyes of God (Waheguru is what the Sikhs call God).

I know why you came to this website, to find an understanding, and i hope you do find it.

Last of all. Our greeting is not Shalom, its: Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ke Fetah (which means, Khalsa belongs to the Waheguru (God) and also the victory (Fateh) belongs to the Waheguru (God) only). We also say Sat Sri Akal (which means, God (Akal) is True).

We believe in one universal god, but we believe God has many names.

Whats the Jewish way of greeting? So that we can try our best to be Jewish to you.

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