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Human birth and abortion according to Hiroshi Motoyama


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I've been this book called Karma and Reincarnation by Hiroshi Motoyama.The blurb on the back describes him as a "scientist, para-psychologist, Shinto priest and healer".The book itslef is an English trnaslation of the Japanese original here is the book:


I wanted to type a few paragraphs in the book relating to human birth and abortion/miscarriage.

The process of being born a human being is actually quite complicated and controlled by many regulations.It is more difficult to be born from the lower astral realms than it is from the higher, for instance.

In the lower astral realms of the spiritual world there are a multitude of beings who want to be born onto this earth.However, it is not possible for all of them to achieve this.There is a specific screening process, a set of conditions which must be met before a being is allowed to re-enter our world.Although maintained and controlled by karma, the screening process itself is a Divine device to protect us here on earth from the more negative elements of existence.The lower astral beings who are rejected by the screening process are left with no choice but to continue their growth in the lower realm, no matter how slowly, inching their way closer to true Awakening.

One type of lower astral spirit I encounter frequently is what I call "foetal spirits" - beings who have been miscarried or aborted into the lower astral realm.Foetal spirits are quite bizarre looking - they are wrinkled all over, have large goggling eyes, and emit a strange glow.Many people who have an aborted child carry with them a deep sense of guilt.In certain cases, however, this sense of guilt is not justified.I have to this conclusion by closely examining foetal spirits themselves.The induviduals who have the karma to become foetal spirits tend to be extraordinarily selfish.They tend to be the type of people who would do anything to promote their own self-interest, even killing to get what they want.In effect, our world is better off if these people are not born into it.I want to be clear that this does not mean that I am necessarily pro-abortion, which I am not, but wish to indicate that the Absolute in its infinite wisdom has laid down intricate guidelines to protect us from the worst elements of existence and that sometimes abortion is used for this purpose.

The guidelines that regulate the process of being born on the earth are more far-reaching than those that regulate induvidual karma.They are the principles that regulate and maintain the delicate balance between tha physical and astral realms, and are karmic principles of both restriction and harmony.Basically these principles act as a limitation on who can be born here.The fact that you are alive proves that you have met the basic requirements.

Again, most of the induviduals who are allowed to leave the lower astral relams are extremely negative.This negativity is caused by undue and extreme self-attachment, what we call "evil" here on earth.Following the principle that thought produces reality, these lower astral beings create a state of being which, as a conglomerate, fits the common notion of hell.Naturally, beings who exist in these places want to get out of them as quickly as possible: they see being born on earth as their escape.Using the power of this overwheling desire, a being can sometimes force its way through the safety net and get itself conceived, but such conception rarely results in birth.Usually the beings are miscarried or are aborted, and are sent back to the lower astral realm where they came from.They may repeat this process a number of times.Occasionally, the desire to be born may be so tremendous that the being manages to slip through the restrictive screening and attain birth.These beings amy be born deformed, as a result of the unnaturalness of their method of entry.

Fortunately, most children are born from the astral into the physical plane as healthy little people.And they come with a full karmic package.

What do you think?

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i'm not even gonna look at his books... what Hari put up is way too much for me to digest...

i think that this guy has nothing goin for him... and i'm sayin this without having any sorta knowledge on exactly what goes on behind the veil of maya... (ouuu.. i like that imagery)...

personally speaking, i think that being born as a human is something very hard to do not because of what was said, but because i believe it takes a lot of hard work and a lotta good karams (plus a tonne of Grace) to be born.

apart from that, i find it hard to believe that people who are born with some sort of deformity are actually evil and malignant spirits. puhlease...

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