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Life sketch of Baba Ishar Singh Ji kaleran wale


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The Saints of Lord came to this world to uplift the fallen souls.Baba Isher Singh Ji Maharaj appeared in this material world in the year 1916 , 26 march(13 cheter sampat 1973) in village Jhoraran,Tehsil Jagraon,Dist.Ludhiana.His holiness father was Sardar Bagha Singh and mother was Sardarni Partap kaur.Baba ji had four brothers and two sisters.

Baba jis name was Inder Singh which later was changed to Isher Singh by Baba Nand Singh ji maharaj.At the age of 13 Baba Isher Singh came to take the shelter of the lotus feets of Baba Nand Singh Ji Maharaj .Baba Ishar Singh Ji never slept while on duty in the service of Baba Nand Singh Ji Maharaj. He was ever ready to do immediately what Baba Nand Singh Ji Maharaj wanted. The places selected by Baba Nand Singh Ji were mostly in the thick jungles where it was difficult for an ordinary person to go. Place such as Nagrota, Karol Bagh and Dehradun forests are few such places. Baba Ishar Singh did not care for his clothes. He was mostly barefooted in the service of his master. These are only a few bare details of his unusual long service. One day Baba Nand Singh called Isher and told him to go to Sant Vadawa Singh to study the scriptures.Obeying the divine orders,the future saint of Nanaksar left to study the scriptures.After studing the scriptures his holliness came back to stay under the cool shade of the lotes feets of Baba Nand Singh Ji.For eleven years Baba Isher Singh ji did such a great service that Baba Nand Singh became so pleased and made him the Hazuri Sevadar.

In the year 1943 29 august (15 badron sampat 2000)Baba Nand Singh Ji left for the heavenly abode.This was crucial time for Baba Isher Singh as his dear one had left for the heavenly abode without his servent.On the Dusherah day the Sadsangat gave Baba Isher Singh the Dastar of Baba Nand Singh Ji meaning that Baba Isher Singh is now the head of the Nanaksar Sampardah.Baba Ishar Singh Ji could not at all bear the loss. First he went to Dehradun and then to village Jhoraran where he spent about seven years in greatest possible grief. He would seldom meet anybody and tears used to drop continuously. Nanaksar became a deserted place. He had no desire to occupy it as. He always thought himself as most humble servant of The Satguru and the Sangat. He always remained in meditation and never slept.

Nanaksar Sampardah is a a branch of Nirmalla Sampardah,which was founded by Bhai Daya Singh Ji on orders of the King of kings Sant Sipahe Sahebeh Kamaal Guru Gobind Singh Ji.Guru Gobind Singh Ordered the Panj Piaras to go to Kashi and learn the Scriptures so that the secrets of the earlier ages can be used by the man in this age.After completly studing the scriptures the Panj Piaras returned to Lord and asked for the next command.The Lord asked the Panj Piaras to start teaching to the mankind what ever they have possased.Thus the Nirmalla Sampardah cama into being.Nirmalla Sampardah is known for its beautifull Tikas of the sanskrit scriptures the Tikas of Satguru Granth Sahib Ji and the missionary work.After Guru Gobind Singh Ji disappeared the two main branches of sikh faith were Udahsi Sampardah followed by Nirmalla Sampardah.Their parchar was so great that they had their deras in every great Hindu tirath.The entire Hindu reign in North India was under their influence. Due to their inluence the first son in every Hindu family was given the Amrit of Guru Gobind Singh and grown up as a khalsa.This is still practised in some hindu houses in remote punjab villages

In the year 1945 Baba ji went to Hazur Sahib. Baba ji spend one month in Hazur sahib,after which Baba ji came back to the blessed soil of Nanaksar.Bhai(Baba) Sadhu Singh ji who have taken the shelter of Baba Nand Singh threee years before Baba ji left for the heavenly abode ,came to pay visit to Baba Isher Singh ji.He stayed there for one and half month. After the separation of Pakistan Bhai Sadhu Singh ji came permanetly and decided to dedicate rest of his life to the Nanaksar Samparda.

The Sadh sangat fully recognized Baba ji the very form of Baba Nand Singh ji.On 13 Haar (the last week of June ) after the divine vision of Baba Nand Singh ji Baba ji started the construction of the Nanaksar Sarovar (pool).The Sadh Sangat came in great number and the construction started .It is said that once one of the devote woke up at night and saw that in the middle of the night some devotes were still doing sewa .Once they saw this devote they all disappeared .Surprised by this The devotee inquired from Baba ji. Baba ji replied that the house of Satguru Nanak Dev Ji is being Constructed, this is a very rare seva even the devtas don’t want to miss this opportunity. Miraculously the Sarovar was completed within 28 days.There was underground kacha rooms where Baba Nand Singh Ji Maharaj used to sit in meditation. Nature acted in a strange way. Due to extraordinary heavy rains, all the kacha constructions were razed to the ground. In fact the entire place was flooded with water which could be seen for miles around. When the water subsided, Baba Ji directed that malba (debris) should be removed as the foundation for the sacred Gurdwara was to be laid at this place. The building was to be seven storeyed. It was sambat 2008 on the Sangrand i.e. 1st day of Chet month that the foundation of the present unique building was laid by Baba Ji. Cement and iron was very abundantly used in the structure. Countless people came to do sewa(free service). Carpenters, masons, blacksmiths etc. also were employed in the construction. Experts for this purpose reached the place. Golden Kalas (umbrella at the top) was constructed and specially trained persons had come to do this job. This kalas is 39 feet round and is 13 feet high. The entire system of worship as prescribed by Baba Nand Singh Ji Maharaj, was fully followed since Baba Ishar Singh Ji came to Nanaksar from Jhoraran.

Baba Ishar Singh had started adminstration of Amrit (sacred Nectar as prescribed by the tenth satguru) on large scale since he came to Nanaksar. The Gurbani and Shabads were sung by different Ragis who permanently lived at Nanaksar. Some other ragis from other places also visited the sacred place on many occasions. On the full moon, mighty large Diwans were held. There were other occasions also on which all this was done. Baba Ji started carrying these programmes from village to village and city to city. All important cities in India were visited by Baba Ji, who used to be accompanied by selected Ragis and other religious persons. At all places the administration of Amrit was a must. Lacs and lacs of persons took Amrit. The miraculous ways in which Baba Ji accomplished these tasks, cannot be described in writing. These were programmes arranged by Almighty Lord Satguru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj. Baba Ji stressed that by teaching of the Gurbani, as explained by Baba Nand Singh Ji Maharaj and by himself shall have to be followed in order to gain liberation from the clutches of death and to avoid transmigration of soul. It was stressed with all force that Sri Guru Granth Sahib is the only true Guru and none else is to be worshipped as a Satguru.

mashi was celebrated on a very large scale.This was on the 3rd October 1963.Many observations of Baba ji which could not be clearly understood by the sangat were indications that he would leave this world for God’s Home very soon.It was on the evening of the 6th October 1963 after the Paath of Rehras Sahib that baba ji went back to the house of the Supreme Lord Satguru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj in a twinkling of an eye .

It was on 9th of October 1963 that baba ji’s body was placed on a beautiful palanquin(beaban).Then it was taken to Hari Ka Pattan on a beautiful bedecked motor vehicle.Thousands of cars trollies, trucks, buses followed.The palanquin was taken in another bigger boat in the middle of the stream and his body was placed in the flowing water after all religious ceremonies and prayers.The huge crowd present on the occasion were more then about five lacs.“DHAN DHAN JAN AEAH†“JIS PARSAD SABH JAGAT TERAEHâ€

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