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domestic violence - awful


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Its a sad story but unfortunately all to common amomgst the sikh/indian community. I think the women in such situations need to walk out and the sikh community should provide support agencies to help them escape such abusive relationships.

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in the uk there are asian womens refuges which could be used as a model to start such an undertaking. i think there is also a need to create awareness such things do exist where women can escape to safely. also the stigma behind qalking out of such a relationship needs to be overcome and the sikh community needs to realise that domestic violence is not something to keep covered up.

i think there is also a need to educate people, men and women, on the value of women in society. i think women also need to realise that they should not put up with such behaviour for the sake of 'repect' of the family.

i think it shouldn't be too difficult to get government financing for such a project, in the uk at least anyway. can't see many gurudwara supporting such a project due to the male dominance and wishes to ignore the subject.

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