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All about Sikh Misls


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Dear All,

Let's discuss about Sikh Misls in details on our forum. What are we going to discuss here?

1. Why we needed Sikh Misls in Sikh History?

2. What are their contributions for Sikhs?

3. Who were founders of these Sikh Misls?

4. What are the good books available to read about Sikh Misls and their history?

Please, add details, so we can learn from this thread and make ourselves aware of this important history period of Sikh history.

Thank You!

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Guest Sardar Moderator Singh

Harmless, as much as I am admirer of Jassa Singh "Ramgharia" and his efforts and those of the "Ramgharia" Misl, I would like to object to the title given to him by today's so-called "Ramgharia" boards.

I refer to the title "Maharaja". I have never found this used in any text or otherwise, prior to the later parts of the 20th century for Jassa Singh Ramgharia.

The title "Maharaja" to my knowledge first came into vogue with the Sher-e-Punjab Maharaja Ranjit Singh, even then it was deemed unappropriate by some, Ranjit Singh himself is believed to have stated that whilst he was a Maharaja, he remained a "Singh Sahib" to all his Sikh subjects).

During the Misl period, Jassa Singh Ahluwalia, was crowned "Sultan-e-Quam", which is the nearest term used during this period to "Maharaja", from what little I have managed to grasp of the history of this period.

It is interesting to see what impact this has had on the persona of Jassa Singh Ramgharia and his son Jodh Singh (who is very rarely spoken of in modern texts).

Images of Jassa Singh Ramgharia that have become popular frequently depict him adorned in a Pink Patiala-style Dastaar, which is frankly ridiculous. Older, less popular pictures, show him otherwise and so too his son.

We know the Misl period was during the height of Khalsa's heyday in terms of valour and survival, a time when almost all scholars will agree that the "Singhs" were adorned in the bana of Nihang Singhs.

Most would agree, that all the Misls were predominantly Nihang-affiliated at the very least and the Ramgharia Misl is no exception. Evidence of this can be found even today in what has become the Ramgharia diaspora in terms of certain cultural and religious practices that exist today-however that is a different discussion for a different time.

I would be grateful if anyone could show me to the contrary that Jassa Singh Ramgharia was indeed termed a "Maharaja" during his time, otherwise please could we refrain from distorting history.

[i make this point, as much of the modern texts surrounding Jassa Singh Ramgharia, contain many fallacies and distorted facts, the attempts to make him into a 'European'-friendly Maharaja are very evident from all material published about in the last 50 years, from pictures to associating him with 'democracy' and other such ideals, which clearly hold no water -how can one run and lead a Misl -here a confedarancy, or battle-unit, if you will, a small-army, using Democratic ideals!!!].

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Hi there!

I have some great information about the RAMGARHIA misl for you. There is a self-styled mislee among us today, who is a backstabbing traitor, and who could never be trusted by any of his "friends". Are you aware of him Sardar Moderator Singh?

What do YOU think should be done about him? Discuss.

Many thanks,

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Guest Sardar Moderator Singh

GanM, why does my opinion about anyone matter, you ask as if I am the police (re: What do YOU think should be done about him?)? Pardon my ignorance, but what exactly is a 'mislee'?

If you have information about ANY 'Misl', historical or otherwise, please bring on the forum, for this is what the Admin has asked for, please bring forth your knowledge.


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