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Sikh Student Camp 04


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sup ya'l jus wanted to no wa u thought of it, wa was good

wa was bad, wa could be improved

for my self this camp wa wikid, best one i've been to, erm some of the sevadars were a bit iffy but all in all it was one wikid week.

wa did u lot think.

PS: no one shall mention the photograph of me,


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Picture 1- Sachkhand Guru Darbar

Picture- 2Two singhs blowing shainks(They were used to declare jugs arrival ie-satyug, dwapar, treta & kalyug)

This time starting off the sikhi student camp :D :D

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ermmm i can confirm that the sevadars we NOT i repeat NOT on the pull all people at this camp acted in a very respectful manner. some great activities. n hu can 4get Boba Ji, n the bakwas he spreads.lol PURE JOKES

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Here are few pictures of my visit to the camp with gurmukhs pyarie:

I know few people will wet their kachera's by lookin at these pictures out of jealousy and other personal reasons.. oh well... enjoy it !!!!!!!!!!


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i have a question

who is that sant bramgiani maharpursh in the white chola and dastar holding that khonde. just looking at him brings peace to my mind. please can someone tell me abit about this sant ji and how i can recieve his dharshan


he is sukha singh ji. i m sure you know him.....he speaks very highly of you......

Sukha Rocks !!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D

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The dude is a Maha Sant. Got him to touch my cards during a game of bhabi. Never lost, but the raps I gave were well wimpy. lol

Here baba sukha singh ji wear black chola in sant maharaj ji rara sahib barsi sittin in smadh marg :D :D

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