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Sikhs and the City


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I don't know about you guys but i was really dissapointed with this programme man and i was really looking forward to it. Considering 400 years of the Guru Granth Sahib has just recently passed and the BBC were well aware of this, they produced something which showed nothing related to it and was really low budget, it didnt look as if they put much effort into it at all. They also used some really poor examples of Sikhs like Sonia Deol and the Sikh Historian who both said it doesnt matter whether Sikhs keep their indentity or not, its whats inside which counts. These kind of people are not educated on Sikhi, its not their fault but why should they be allowed to represent us when their knowledge is so poor. There are plenty of Chardi Kalla Sikhs who could have spoke on our behalf tp represent us, they didnt even show any Singhnia. The best thing about it was Bhai Fauja Singh. BBC (Big Bunch of Clowns.) Just shows if want anything good doing, we gotta do it ourselves.

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I'm glad I didn't watch it then, I thought it was going to be rubbish seeing how that comedian geezer was supposed to be presenting it and the title was a lame pun as well especially seeing how it (the pun/title) was based on that tacky sitcom put me off.

BBC are really rubbish when it comes to Sikhs, there was once this documentary on the curse of the korinor (that big diamond in the crown jewls) and it mentioned Maharaja Ranjit Singh but constantly refered to him as being "Hindu", I know he wasn't the best Sikh but come on.

The BBC also admin cut up documentaries on the partition of the Punjab as far I've seen, omitting the Sikhs entirely as though they didn't exist.

P.S Also apparanlty (on the documentary I mentioned) it said that Ranjit wanted his son to offer it as a gift to the Hindu God Shiva as he was dying. Does anyone know if that was true?

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We should all write letters of complaints to the BBC airing our greivences. We expect nothing but best, we need to let the BBC know this. Also, the so called historian Jeevan Deol was a joke his entire conduct was offensive: He was browsing through the pages of Adi Garanth as if reading an ordinary book. He did not show any respect, the least one would accept him was to have his head covered. I personally felt that this pseudo historian was a waste of time and big time fake. The information he gave about the languages used in teh Adi Garath was not correct either. There was no mention of Gurmukhi, Persian or Sanskrit. The guy was unreal!

All write to the BBC. I shall too!

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Sikhi just is.

It has been.

And further, will be.

It is SAT.

It cannot be disrespected, only peoples ideas of what people think sikhi is can be disrespected.

In essence, the people who claim that 'sikhi has been disrespected', are infact comparing their way of Sikhi to those in the programme. After comparing and calculating a difference they have concluded that they are right, and the other wrong. Is that the path of a true sikh? To judge, categorise and whinge(like a spoilt brat)?

Spouting on about bani this bani that, go learn some life skills first, for example, accepting other people for what they are, embracing them for what they are , and not trying to ENFORCE your own views by categorising them as 'non sikhs'.

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