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Info about Sant Miya Singh Ji

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I'd like to know more about him if possible, there prolly is a post on him already, although i didn't seem to find it....

So if anyone knows anything about him that'd be great....

Supposedly I met him when I was just a baby.... so it'd be nice to know what type of a person I had met...

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my family in coventry were shardalu's of baba meehan singh,

he was a very jolly, quiet person who had some sense of peace around him...an aura (even my non-religious relatives attest to this).

he used to allow people to matha tek to him etc, and when ladies would come meet him, he'd say if you want to get darshan of some "devi" go to wolverhampton and meet baba ishar singh rarraysahibwallay.

he was also very close to baba darshan singh kulliwallay, before he passed away in vancouver, he sent a sevak to toronto to go and give darshan singh kulliwallay 3 flowers. darshan singh became "udaas" and a sevak asked "whats wrong" he goes " I have had 3 lives with meehan singh, now he is going home"....a few days later he passed away.

darshan singh was staunch and never let anyone matha tek to him. well, meeha singh was the opposite, and I, with my own eyes, saw a picture of them hugging, and embracing, and they both have such warm caring expressions on their faces :)

hope that helps jatti

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hey sorry about the delay in thanks, but i do believe that is the person i'm talkin about, so thank you for your information....

By the way why do people have such a problem against bowing to some one out of respect... as long as people are able to use their buddhi and realize the difference between Sant and SGGS, there shouldn't be a problem....

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I see no issue in bowing down in front of anyone, unless it is a mere mechanical gesture.....

I actually included the part of baba darshan singh and sant meehan singh's pyaar for each other to show that people of a higher thought, learning, devotion, bhagtee (or however you'd like to address it), have that much tolerance and love that things such as bowing and not bowing does not make them enemies or rivals.

ie. as neo singh has mentioned in another post, baba chet singh (who was maasahaari) and baba ishar singh rarray sahib wallay (who was shaakahari) had prem....see, we argure over meat no meat, they choose to love gursikhs of guru nanak....

in the end, I guess it comes down to 'it takes one to know one" :wink:

gurfateh ji

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Does anyone have any photo's or video's of Baba Mihan Singh Ji please?

Veer Ji Daas thinks it's them on the right?


Could someone please confirm for Daas because Daas has been on a miny-mission to find some of their recorded Diwans! Daas's Dad said he had loads of recordings, but lost them which is a big shame.

Thanks Sangat Jio

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh :)

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