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Birmingham Soho Rd Gurdwara Pictures...


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yep. They pulled him and his mate into a room and started having a go at them. My mate was pisses off, but he never talks back to elders so he just let them shout at him. Eventually a kind sevadar had a go at the other guys - he basically said its hard enough getting youth to come to the Gurdwara without people like them giving everyone a hard time. If a mistake had been made then just point it out to them and forgive them.

The Gurdwara is beautiful and the sevadars are okay (if u keep your distance).

But BabaJi at the Gurdwara (don't know his name) is a top guy - from what I know he has a lot of pyaar.

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Guest Javanmard

I remember clearly how the sevadars once had a go at a Nihang for doing seva and brought to Baba Ji. He cussed them down big time and said: He's a Nihang, without Nihangs neither you nor I would be here! Show respect!!!!


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