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Kala Afghana tankhaiya

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Actually it was posted on other forum but this is good for discussion.....HOW MASANDS at Akaal Takth want PANTH TO DIVIDE and CHANGE THEIR VIEWS....about black sheeps....

Check the new politics Dear Virs.....Point needs to be noted...if it's for below reason Kala Afghana is being Tankhiya....then what has AKAAL Takth to SAY for all the supporters of Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindernwale....all the Sikh Samaj....

http://www.tribuneindia.com/2003/20030511/main6.htm Therefore the point these new Masands at AKaal Takth want to convey is that actually Kala Afghana is DARDIE/MASSIHA/ NEW SAINT.......we all know about Mr. Kala (black sheep).......and Masands of Akaaal Takth...

Mr Kala Afghana had pleaded that he could not appear in person at Akal Takht due to ill health and his close links with Sant Jarnail Singh Bhinderanwale.

Kala Afghana declared ‘tankhaiya’

Tribune News Service

Amritsar, May 10

A Canada-based Sikh scholar, Gurbaksh Singh Kala Afghana, who has authored a set of 10 books, “Bipran Ki Rit Sach Da Marg†has been declared ‘tankhaiya’. He had pointed an accusing finger on Giani Joginder Singh Vedanti for editing a book “Gurbilas Patshahi 6â€, which was later banned by the SGPC.

The meeting of the Sikh clergy, held at the Akal Takht secretariat, unanimously resolved that Mr Kala Afghana had indulged in blasphemous activities and contents of his books were against the Sikh tenets. The Sikh high priests said Mr Kala Afghana had failed to turn up to clarify his position, though he was given enough time. The deadline fixed for his appearance at Akal Takht ended today.

Mr Gurtej Singh, a Professor of Sikhism, described the decision of the Sikh clerics as ‘unfortunate’. He said the decision was not as per the Sikh traditions. Mr Gurtej Singh said he had called a meeting of Sikh intellectuals in Chandigarh tomorrow to discuss the matter at length.

Earlier, the Sikh high priests had accepted the plea of Mr Kala Afghana and allowed him to give his explanation through videoconferencing, which was later cancelled. Mr Kala Afghana had pleaded that he could not appear in person at Akal Takht due to ill health and his close links with Sant Jarnail Singh Bhinderanwale. He had pleaded that the moment he entered India he could be arrested by security agencies. However, the Sikh clergy justified the decision of backing out on the videoconferencing option granted to Mr Kala Afghana saying that they had the right to change such decisions.

In his last letter written to Giani Joginder Singh Vedanti, Jathedar, Akal Takht, Mr Kala Afghana had used derogatory language describing him as a ‘liar’ and ‘maha pappi’. Taking serious note of the language used, Jathedar Vedanti said it was unpardonable.

The Sikh high priests said if Mr Kala Afghana failed to appear before Akal Takht by July 10, he would be punished as per the Sikh ‘maryada’. In such a case Mr Kala Afghana could be declared excommunicated from the Panth.

The meeting was attended by Giani Joginder Singh Vedanti, Giani Balwant Singh Nandgarh, Giani Tarlochan Singh, Jathedars of Akal Takht, Damdama Sahib and Kesgarh Sahib, respectively, Giani Bhagwan Singh, Head Granthi, Akal Takht, and Giani Jagtar Singh, Granthi, Golden Temple.

Asked Mr Kala Afghana had pleaded that he could not appear due to ill health, which had already been accepted by the Sikh clergy, Giani Bhagwan Singh quipped he was misleading the Panth.

In yet another significant development, Akal Takht decided to send a reminder to the state government for banning the activities of controversial godman Ashutosh.

UNI adds: Akal Takht also endorsed the ongoing efforts for unity between Mr Parkash Singh Badal and Mr Gurcharan Singh Tohra.

Talking to reporters, Jathedar Vedanti said he favoured the unity move between the two Akali groups and was of the firm belief that misgivings, confusions and misunderstandings should be sorted out through dialogue.

On the issue of contradiction between the SGPC traditions and his recent visits to different deras, Jathedar Vedanti said he believed that there was no harm in visiting those deras, which had been propagating teachings of the gurus and gurbani.

On the issue of release of Sikh youths detained in different jails, he said he would make efforts after the receipt of the list of such persons.

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-- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Open letter to Gurbax Singh Kala Afgana

Dear Sardar Gurbax Singh,

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki fateh.

I have been immensely perturbed by your comments in print in The Sikh Bulletin, on some of the basic Sikh isuues like Amrit, Punj Piarey and more. I had a chance to meet with you in Roseville Gurudwara, during the recent conference on July 20th 2002. I expressed my desire to sit with you, one on one, to try to understand where you really stand. In the conference you had promised in public, you won't mind explaining what you really stand for. I had also sincerely hoped that with Guru's grace, you would be able to shed some of the ignorance.

However, your response to my straight questions was very confusing, defensive, misleading and even foolish. To me, you sounded close-minded, adamant, inconsistent and unwilling to listen to other viewpoint. I was surprised to know that you had failed miserably in comprehending some of the rudimentary principles of Sikhism, e.g. Nitnem, humility, the five kakars and surrender to the Guru. How childish was your reasoning on Amrit. Yes, there is only one ultimate amrit, the name of Waheguru. However, that nectar is only achievable through a true Guru's grace,

siur nr miun jn AMimRqu Kojdy, su AMimRqu gur qy pwieAw]

sur nar mun jan amrit khojday so amrit gur tay paa-i-aa.

The angelic beings and the silent sages search for the Ambrosial Nectar; this Amrit is obtained from the Guru.

Guru's grace comes only after a person makes the commitment to the Guru, as the original Punj Piarey did. Of course, the physical ceremony is the Khande di Pahul through which the metaphysical kirpa manifests.

Out of the five Banis of Amrit Sanchar and Nitnem, the Japji Sahib and the Anand sahib are from Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. The others are composition of The tenth Nanak, the great Guru Gobind Singh Ji. If Guru Sahib, in his infinite wisdom and foresight, did not include these in The Guru Granth Sahib, does it reduce their significance to nothing? You are badly mistaken in thinking so. You work quite hard at what you are doing. Alas! most of it is not only going in waste, it also is hurting the Sikh tenets and interests. I sincerely hope that Waheguru is kind to you and shows you the correct path so that your efforts could be of some benefit to the community you claim to be serving and also help to uplift you spiritually.

I still would like to sit with you in an open discussion.

Yours truly,

Narinder Singh Parhar, M.D.

Roseville, CA

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Article from the Tribune News Service:


Copies of Kala Afghana’s books burnt

Amritsar, May 15

Sikh sangat today burnt copies of the books of Canada-based cop-turned Sikh scholar Gurbaksh Singh Kala Afghana, which had been banned by Akal Takht.

In a fax message received here, Mr Rattanjit Singh Sherry, secretary, Guru Gobind Singh Study Circle, said the copies of the books of Kala Afghana would be burnt in other parts of the country in the coming days.

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