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akaalis- as per "bharat mat darpan"


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Bharat mat darpan: p. 21

Writer sri mahant ganesha singh ji (dera guru sar, khuda, hoshiarpur)

Publisher: chatter singh, jeevan singh



This is a reference to who we refer to as akali’s of old!

A few theories written about the origins of the akalis

1) one day guru gobind singh ji maharaj gave (mah <black gram, dal>, thil (sesame seeds <sesamum indicum>, loha<iron>, and neelay bastar<blue clothes>, thula <oil>) to a Brahman. The Brahman was on his way home and some singhs inebriated with bhang took his stuff away. The Brahman, quite upset, went back to guru gobind singh and lodged a complaint. Guru gobind singh laughed and said “these guys are akaalees†( bhaye eh akaaleey eh). Guru gobind singh further said “ I took out poverty(nan g), hunger(bhuk), calamities(darider), obstacles(greh) dasha’s out of our house. They took these items without thinkings and they will now have the aforementioned dasha’s.

at that point guru gobind singh took the loha kard, karray,and adorned the singhs with blue attire…..then he said “eh sikh meray akaleeyay hanâ€! hence story #1 about the origins of akali’s.

2) The second story relates to machiwaara and how guru sahib became uch da pir. He had worn blue clothes and let his hair out. He had gone to dhillong nagar and taken off his blue clothes and dressed in white. He burnt the blue clothes and gave one strip of the blue cloth to maan singh. From that point on, akalees started

3) Naina singh nihang had a chela named phoola singh. (yes, akali phoola singh)…He was a ferocious warrior and was given a regiment by maharaja ranjit singh called the “akaal†regiment. They wore kacha, karray, carried a kirpan, and wore blue clothes. They ate out of iron utensils and would shout akaal twice in the evening. They were hence called akaaleeyay, and they dismantled at akali phoola singh’s death.

A bit about akalees:

They were blue clothes, eat out of iron utensils (sarablohi). They don’t believe in anything and don’t associate with anyone outside of guru granth sahib ji. They don’t eat with anyone unless they are amritdhari. They do parkarma in the opposite to direction of everyone else. They eat from their own cooked food (sodhee) <they won’t even look at anyone else’s food….bibeki>. They have now aligned theirselves with the nihang panth.

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