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nihangs- as per "bharat mat darpan"


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Bharat mat darpan: p. 192

Writer sri mahant ganesha singh ji (dera guru sar, khuda, hoshiarpur)

Publisher: chatter singh, jeevan singh


The khalsa panth has a section called the nihangs. One day guru gobind singh’s son, fateh singh, came into the darbar with a round loosely tied (tillee) dastar, a tilla kacchera, a salotar on his shoulders and he shouted fateh really loud. Guru sahib saw his son and smiled with happiness and said “a panth will be established that will follow your precedentâ€.

In suraj prakash it is said that guru gobind singh saw maan singh inebriated with bhang at machiwarra and his pagh loosening up and became happy and said “a panth that will be following the precedent you have established… “ajehi haalat rakhan waala….â€

The damalla

Naina singh nihang was known for eating langar with really poor people (Sikhs). One day he had drank too much bhang and made his pagh uchee and read “ mera gur mil uch damalraâ€. These damallay’s came into vogue after that time and they are called naina singh damallay’s.

Nihangs don’t believe there is anyone else who is as authentic (vidaata) as them. They talk differently. They partake meat, bhang, post, afeem and don’t believe there is sin in any of it. They don’t believe stealing is wrong either. They don’t do much katha, satsang, teerath, fasting. Their sole focus is on listening to and reading gurbani. They read a lot of dasam baani. Kacha, karra, kanga, kard, and kes are the 5 kakkars they always wear. They are full of bir rass. They don’t learn vidiya (again from a nirmalla perspective, they mean shaastras (religious texts) not shastars (weapons). They don’t come close to even doing any type of veechar. They have their own code language that they use amongst theirselves and when addressing others...so that their questions are difficult to answer.

This group is now part of either the akaalees or the khalsa panth

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