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Sundeep Singh

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Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!!!

well since the age of about 12 i wanted to keep my hair and beared i tried and i failed as i was too young to understand life i think?? then about 4 years ago i attempted againt o grow my hair beared and i failed again listening to people specaily girls saying "Girls dont like SINGHS." Now i am trying again my mind is like a rollercoaster should i keep it or should i not. i have faith but i have been bought up in a non religious family and changing my lifestyle is very dificult.

I have got to a point where im going crazy, me hair is long but not long enough to tie but too long to comb or have a particular style and my beared is just growing on my neck. im lookin a little rough. I needadvice to get me through this problem of failing again i cannot fail my guru ji.

im now goin to start university and i look rough. im also afraid of how people will see me as a person now. I really want to take amrit and if i get through this truobled time i will. Also i go to clubs i mean things like that ahve to stop dnt they?? im confused any experienced gursikhs that went through the same thing. PLEASE HELP!!!!


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SSA veeray...

yeah its all okay...you failed on keepin your beard and hair twice before not a big deal...we all make mistakes...

but if your going to attempt to do it again...make sure you think everything out...talk to your family about it...cause in the end thats who you spend most of your time with...be prepare to change your mind set...

Yes...changing your life style if very difficult, but depends on how we look at it...I just kept my hair last yr or so...and it wasn't that difficult for me...well it was...but if we maintain confidence, strength, and pride in being a Singh...then nothing is difficult...

Yeah my hair is long, but its not long enough for me to tie either...so i tie like two joorayz...lol

Listen man...if your thinking about girls...like yeah Girls are a big issue...but i'm sure if you decide to keep your hair cut, you would still probbaly find a decent girl who understands u and accepts you for who you are...cause it seems like it your in it for a true girl...so i'm sure if you decide to keep it later, the girl wouldn't mind...but then again, you can find the same type of girl if you keep your hair now anyways?...

About going to Clubs...I personally don't believe thats wrong...just because we are Singhs, doesn't mean we should stop purposely on dealing with society and refrain ourselves from interaction with different types of people...

But in the end, whatver your decision is...make sure you think everything out, and are 100% behind your decision, and never look back...

Guru Kirpa,


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Clubs and stuff have to stop. Hanging out with people like that will just make you want to walk away from Sikhi.

I wasn't always Gursikh, so speaking from personal experience, girls respond to the confidence you have in yourself, and to your firm adherence to principles more than they do just to looks.

My advice, work out. Weightlifting is great for building confidence. Dont' hang around people who make you doubt your path, even if they are outwardly supportive. Go to a uni with a Sikh society, one that actually has dharmic Sikhs in it, not just bhangra fiends. And wear a dastaar, not a patka. When a guy starts getting a beard, a patka looks really bad. I've heard Singhnis say it looks gross.

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lol I stuck 2 fingers at these kinda girls a long time ago! They don't like paghs they can buzz off. But if they say it to my face, then they gonna get a rude awakening.

BE RUDE TO RUDE GIRLS is what I am gonna say! B)

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