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Baba Gurdial Singh


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After Baba Mann Singh I find it hard to trust any Baba anymore!!!

Singh thats what happened in gurooo maharaj time... soo many fake guroo's that people stop trusting any guroo's and they let that parnoia effect them... and stayed forever in darkness and couldnt take laha of guroo maharaj ji thought of them as fake as well until it was really late.

Sant Mahapursh are ladalie of Guru Maharaj and merge with them and became one with him.

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Sant Gurdial Singh did seva with Sant Balwant Singh Urh Murh Tande Vale (not siorhey wale). Sant Balwant Singh used to live in Maksoodra and did not have vision in their worldly eyes. Sant Balwant Singh were a very blessed gursikh. Sant Balwant Singh were shot during a divan and I will relate the story below.

They used to make the sevadars wake up every morning at 2am. If someone did not wake up before 2, that person was made to recite some gurbani and was not given any food to eat until late in the day. One morning babaji started talking about death. THey said that there is need for some pure blood to be spilt in order to calm the chaos that was happening during that time in punjab, in 1991. And that there are only a few blessed souls at that time that can do this. THey told the singh that used to announce the programs not to say anything about any future programs. Before the keertan divan they told the gunman to empty the bullets out of his gun. And they told all of the singhs to keep their eyes closed during the divan and not to open them until the divan is over. Then during the divan, a dusht stood up out of the sangat and shot babaji during the keertan.

Now, Sant Gurdial Singh does keertan parchar from Urh Murh Tanda Sahib at the request of another sant.

They hold eye camps every year at Tanda Sahib where anyone can go and get free treatment.

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I don't know much about the life history of Sant Gurdial Singh, but I related the information about Sant Balwant Singh as you asked about the mahapurkh that he studied with.

Mahapurkhs are given their duties by God.

Another interesting thing that Sant Balwant mentioned was that there is a pooran mahapursh doing bhagti nearby their village inside Dhakki Sahib. The village of Sant Balwant Singh was Maksoodra, which is nearby Payal, but the dera was in Urh Murh Tanda Sahib which is situated by Hoshiarpur.

jio jananee suth jan paalathee raakhai nadhar majhaar ||

Just as the mother, having given birth to a son, feeds him and keeps him in her vision

a(n)thar baahar mukh dhae giraas khin khin pochaar ||

- indoors and outdoors, she puts food in his mouth; each and every moment, she caresses him.

thio sathigur gurasikh raakhathaa har preeth piaar ||1||

In just the same way, the True Guru protects His GurSikhs, who love their Beloved Lord. ||1||

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