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An awesome shabad (to learn from)


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This is a must read! We can all learn from this Shabad and relate it to our own lives.

gauVI mhlw 5 ]

gourree mehalaa 5 ||

Gauree, Fifth Mehl:

ijs kw dIAw pYnY Kwie ]

jis kaa dheeaa painai khaae ||

They wear and eat the gifts from the Lord;

iqsu isau Awlsu ikau bnY mwie ]1]

this sio aalas kio banai maae ||1||

how can laziness help them, O mother? ||1||

Ksmu ibswir Awn kMim lwgih ]

khasam bisaar aan ka(n)m laagehi ||

Forgetting her Husband Lord, and attaching herself to other affairs,

kaufI bdly rqnu iqAwgih ]1] rhwau ]

kouddee badhalae rathan thiaagehi ||1|| rehaao ||

the soul-bride throws away the precious jewel in exchange for a mere shell. ||1||Pause||

pRBU iqAwig lwgq An loBw ]

prabhoo thiaag laagath an lobhaa ||

Forsaking God, she is attached to other desires.

dwis slwmu krq kq soBw ]2]

dhaas salaam karath kath sobhaa ||2||

But who has gained honor by saluting the slave? ||2||

AMimRq rsu Kwvih Kwn pwn ]

a(n)mrith ras khaavehi khaan paan ||

They consume food and drink, delicious and sublime as ambrosial nectar.

ijin dIey iqsih n jwnih suAwn ]3]

jin dheeeae thisehi n jaanehi suaan ||3||

But the dog does not know the One who has bestowed these. ||3||

khu nwnk hm lUx hrwmI ]

kahu naanak ham loon haraamee ||

Says Nanak, I have been unfaithful to my own nature.

bKis lyhu pRB AMqrjwmI ]4]76]145]

bakhas laehu prabh a(n)tharajaamee ||4||76||145||

Please forgive me, O God, O Searcher of hearts. ||4||76||145||

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