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Hum Hindu Nahin By Kahan singh ji Nabha


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I found this interesting question to ponder upon on sikhnet.com...does anyone have any thoughts??


Bhai Kahan singh ji Nabha wrote a Book named Hum Hindu nahin(We are not Hindus).This book is in the form of dialogue between a Hindu and a sikh where Hindu tries to convince sikh that Sikhs are Hindus and sikh replies that they are not.

In that book the following verse from SGGS finds place "Do not say that the Vedas, the Bible and the Koran are false. Those who do not contemplate them are false".

Hindu quotes that line meaning SGGS endorses Vedas nad Quran . Sikh replies that this line is from a shabad by Bhagat Kabir ji.Background of shabad is that memebers of two communities i.e Hindus and muslims fight terming others' scriptures as false.The dispute goes to bahgat Kabir ji and it is in context of that this shabad is written.Basically this shabad is addressed to two quarelling parties.

(Reference is from Hum Hindu Nahin (We are not Hindus)By Bhai Kahan singh ji Nabha)

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it asks you to contemplate on the works, not to agree with what they say. i think the essence of the quote is not to slander the books of other religions out of spite and menace

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