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Baba Sheikh Farid and Udasi Samprada


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What if any connection is there between Baba Sheikh Farid and the Udasi samprada?I talked quite recently with an elderly gentlemen who was married to the grand daughter of Shri Nabh Kamal Raja Sahib (who's barsi has just passed).Raja Sahib was an Udasi.Anyway he said something about Udasi samprada starting from Satguru Nanak Dev, but then said it also is connected to Baba Farid, before Satguru Nanak.Something like that.I guess I'm a dumbo for not listening properly.The time and place wasn't one that was conducive to spiritual discussion.

Oh well, back to my samadhi :LOL: Hari Ommmmmmmmm

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I have asked an Udasi about Raja Sahib and been told that he wasn't an Udasi but a fakir (hence the strong sufi influence at his dera - look at photos of the samadhs for example). Udasin generally trace themselves back to Avinasi Muni and beyond, but I haven't come across any links to the Chisthiyya as of yet.

Track him down hari and find out more!

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