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This must be read by all. 1st Hand Account details of attack


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1st Hand Account details of attack On Darbar Sahib

Source: By Kandola of sikhsangat.com

i have got the disk, and i have decided to translate what was said by Giani Ji and his survival tactics when he was there in 1984

waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh

today, giani sant singh maskeen has invited me to tell you the story of 1984. 5th june at 7.30 i went to sri akal takhat sahib. there i saw bhinderanwale (had his darshan). at that time bullets were flying about. after meeting sant ji, i went to sri darbar sahib and carried the duty of rehras sahib which was supposed to be done by giani mohan singh. when i came out from the akal takhat, bullets were flying like mad. there were singhs sitting at the front of sri akal takhat and i sat there with them. i said to them "pyare gurmukho, please make sure giani mohan singh does rehras" and so they also made sure rehras would be coming from the akal takhat. normally at sri darbar sahib, rehras starts 5 mins earlier than rehras at akal takhat sahib. i wanted to make sure baba mohan singh was ok, seeing that bullets were flying around. i ran to sri darbar sahib like i never ran in my whole life. a bullet missed me and hit darshan deori instead. i waited by darshan deori, and took a breath for 2 minutes, then i ran towards darbar sahib. and a bullet hit sri darbar sahib. i manged to organise rehras sahib da paath. Giani mohan singh was in darbar sahib at the time. there were 22 singhs in sri darbar sahib. as soon as the bhog for rehras started, then the bullets began to fire at sri darbar sahib. obviously we couldnt take maharaj from swarari. though we did do sukhasan and took maharaj to the top floor of sri darbar sahib (normally maharaj is taken to akal takhat). as soon as we did this (10pm) tanks came straight in.

the whole city was in flames, we could see it from the top of sri darbar sahib. and we lit some lights in the sarover. we were thinking of taking the amrit out of the sarover to quell the flames (basically put the fire out with amrit). 4 tanks came in. and they were setting fire to all the rooms surrrounding sri darbar sahib. we could hear wives crying, children looking for their mothers. the war was over, the army began to walk past darshan deori.

there were (i think i saw) 40-50 singhs getting ready to fight the army. they were so brave that they carried on until they turned shaheed. even when the ammunition finished they carried on.

(jaikara heard)

they were fighting from 10pm till 4.30am (which how long we stayed upstairs). we got maharaj out then you see. we took maharaj downstairs, did hukamnama and the raagis were singing asa di var. the raagis werent with us all night, seeing as soon as they did the duty they went. all the raagis al got shaheed outside darshan deori except bhai amrik singh. and on the inside bhai randhir singhs jatha was doing asa di war. bhai avtar singh (member of his jatha) was shot inside darbar sahib by the army. the army was now firing from all four doors. and as a result maharaj was hit with a bullet. the bullet is still in maharaj (i think giani ji is saying its still around). so we got the bir that maharaj ranjit singh donated (i think thats on the top floor, they did prakash). the whole night went off like so. the day went on like this. 4.00pm was when they were throwing gas grenades at akal takhat. they thought singhs were still in akal takhat, despite the bombings. even after the bombings the singhs were still fireing, as a result gas grenades were now being used.

jaikara heard.

they destroyed the whole place, at 4.30pm the officer said if they saw any survivors, they were ordered to kill them on the spot, be it a child, buddhi/buddha. whoever it was was shot.

so the 22 singhs with us decided to get out of sri darbar sahib. giani mohan singh gave the message to the singhs and said that if the army wanted the singhs (meaning the 2 gianis) inside darbar sahib, then they would have to send there men in (this was told to the army).

jaikara heard

three times this message was given. but the army said through speakers that we should get out of sri darbar sahib with our hands up. me and giani mohan singh both thought if we were to get out of sri darbar sahib with our hands up, we would probably be shot. thats why we both felt that we would rather be shaheed inside darbar sahib. so we didnt get out. so we stayed from 4.30 till 7.30, at 7.30 did 2 soldiers come to get us. one sewadar was also sent in. we went towards the army. the officer said to his troops (via speakers) that no must shoot at the gianis. we got out of darshan deori and saw akal takhat, it was more or less a pile of bricks. some ssoldiers said to us "sat sri akal" . the soldiers said "we are sikh, is there anything we can do for you?" we replied "get us out of here, we need to go to the toilet, we want some water, why not send two singhs to get the water?" the officer said no, he said we couldnt go out of sri darbar sahib. so we said at least let us go to the toilet. on that he agreed. on returning they demanded to know where the sant jarnail singh bhinderanwale was. we had no idea what they were on about.

now "bhinderanwale zindabad" can be heard.

we said we were both inside darbar sahib, so we have no idea where he was. you should no, you either killed them or released them i said. they said we saw machine guns at the top of darbar sahib. so i said no singh came into sri darbar sahib (fighting singh) nor did one bullet fly from sri darbar sahib. they didnt believe us. so anyway, i said to the officer, that if there was a machine gun on top, some sandbags would be surrounding it as well. so the officer said nothing came from darbar sahib.

jaikara heard

there were many singhs who were saheed lying all around us, so an officer got some white sheets from darbar sahib and put it over the shaheed singhs. they let us out on 7th june 7.30pm. the ARMY SAID BHINDERANWALE, BHAI AMRIK SINGH AND GENERAL SHAHBEG SINGHS BODY HAVE BEEN CONFIMIRMED! i asked where they found bhinderanwales body. they replied between the 2 nishaan sahibs (the officer was a sikh). and the other two singhs with bhinderanwale were found behind nishaan sahib. however they soon replied they saw his body elsewhere, but they never showed us his body. they didnt show it to anyone else. so we went to our homes at 7.30 (giani puran singh and giani mohan singh). thats when they got Giani Sahib Singh involved. they said the same thing about his body found to giani ji. now if they really did have sant jis body, they would have shown it us definatly. they would be showing us his body to us. they showed the weapons sant ji had, they showed us other singhs that were killed. but never showed sant ji. many thousands of pilgrams were killed. but we saw just as many soldiers lying dead. it wasnt a few, it was in 100's.

jaikra heard

but they could have taken his body to delhi. but even they said they never got the body.

singhs crying for joy.

on the 7th, when we came back, giani sahib singh sahib (head granthi at the time) was with the army. the ramgharia bunga had a trenche dug up (4 singhs created a trenche), under there. 3 troops went in, they were pulled by the singhs to the trenche.

the soldiers told them to get out. the singhs wanted a negotiator before anything would happen. so they called me to negotiate with them. otherwise they wouldnt get out. i said if i were to negotiate, then dont shoot the singhs. they agreed. but the officer said we wont kill them here. i knew they would shoot them elsewhere. and if they were to be shot at, i would be prisoner by the singhs. so the officer told me to find out if the 3 troops sent in were alive. especially the doctor there. then we'll forgive them.

i began to speak to them via speakers. the singhs said that they willing to do what i told them to do. i asked if the military troops were alive. the singhs said no military person was alive in their trenche. the officer requested me to leave and the singhs would be flushed out. they fought all day, all night. just couldnt flush them out. even when giani zail singh came to sri darbar sahib, they were still fighting.

singhs listening are really happy and crying for joy.

giani puran singh calling for attention

gaini zail singh was shot at by the singhs (because the singhs were fireing everywhere), but no, if they stopped fireing, the singhs would have turned shaheed. but they didnt know of anyone visiting sri darbar sahib (they were in the trenches). a colnel had with him a gun, it was turning dark (his commander gave him the blessing to do the following, giani ji saw this himself). the colnel fitted some battery to the gun. and he began to shoot them. so the singhs were supposedly killed, but we didnt know if the colnel was alive or not. but nothing happened to the singhs, as they carried on fireing. the army began to throw grenades. but an officer told me that they were not doing much, considering the singhs were still fireing. so the army began to fire bombs with chillys in, obviously this would react with the eyes. one singh got out the trench (as he was in agony), and he was shot. and then the other singhs went out to search for water (i think, the cd is now going crackly). they were shot as soon as they got out of the trench.

now, this is the first time i have talked about my experiences with the sangat.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki fateh.



during writing this interpretaion of what was being said, i have obviously made errors, i ask the sangat, giani puran singhs, sant jarnail singh bhinderanwale and all the other saheeds who were at sri darbar sahib fo my errors.

waheguru ji ka khalsa, waheguru ji ki fateh.

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