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waheguru ji ka khalsa

waheguru ji ki fateh

Guru Arjun Dev ji writes lovingly'

M:5 (Raag Gujree)

Nanak Satgur bhayte-ai, Nanak says, upon meeting the SatGuru

Pooree hovai jugat.(1) The Perfect Union occurs.

Hasande-aan, LAUGHING,

Khaylande-aan PLAYING,

Paenande-aan, DRESSING,

Khavande-aan, EATING,

Vichay hovai mukat. (2) within these one is liberated.

Guru Nanak Ji's path is RAJ JOG. Living with Raj (luxuries of kings) we obtain JOG Union).

It is important, very important, to laugh, eat well, dress well and

be playful. We are children of Waheguru ji, Waheguru ji has freed

us of mental and physical chains. We are free to play and laugh,

free eat and dress like Kings. Our God is Wonderful, our SatGuru is

always with us....why should we worry and be stressed, why should we

care if the world does all the sins we avoid...let them reap their

rewards for we are too busy being free like children in Satguru

Nanak ji's garden. With smiles on our faces, love in our heart and

a wondrous feeling inside us as we marvel at the sinners and saints

God has created.

V have sadly seen people enter Sikhi because they were depressed, negative and living in the hell of their own mind from which they. wanted to escape. But having entered Sikhi, they tortured themsleves believing more pain is the way to please God. They had freezing cold baths even when they were sick, they thought it was better to hardly eat and hardly sleep because Guru ji said 'eat little, sleep little' (but Guru ji didnt say 'under eat and under sleep'). They were obsessed with cleanliness that before and after eating they would basically wash and clean every nook and crany of their kitchen.

They didnt laugh, everything was serious. They were so worried about committing even the tiniest 'sin'. They didnt bother taking care of their appearance. And to top it all, they couldnt stand anyone who wasn't following Sikhi as they understood it. Criticise, criticise, criticise! No happiness, no enjoyment of

love, no life at all.

In the end, how much pressure can the human mind take? Every new

rehat (discipline) we start is like placing a brick on our head

until we get used to it. These people picked up so many rehats all

at once that they were carrying a wall on their had. What


...they got mentally depressed...

...they cut their hair and went back to their old ways...

Dhan (Great) is the person who makes others


Dhan is the person who dresses well like the royal child of Guru

Gobind Singh ji and inspires others,

Dhan is the person who has a playful nature,

Dhan is the person who eats and sleeps to keep their body healthy.

And most of all , Dhan Dhan Dhan is the person who doing all these

is detached from it and never forgets Waheguru for even a blinkof aneye.



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