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I was surfing through websites about sikhi, and I came across this one. I thought I'd post the address because there were somethings I didn't quite agree with, but also because it mentions a "sect" of sikhi aside from Nirankaris and Namdharis, called Radhasoami.


Well the first paragraph bothered me because it says:

"This family includes Khalsa Sikhs who shave their heads and non-Khalsa Sikhs who do not; vegetarian and non-vegetarian Sikhs; Sikhs who utilize the name Singh and Kaur and those who do not; and Sikhs who only recognize the ten past gurus and others who follow a living guru. Indeed, there is no clear consensus on who are Sikhs[1]."

shave their heads? what is that all about, doesn't seem like a typo, but you never know.

Anyhow I just thought it would be interesting to some members here, so I thought I'd post it. Let me know what you think...as there are so many people here that know much more about sikhi than I do.

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