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Everquest II


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Anybody else interested in this MMORPG?I find this game fascinating.Just my kind of thing!Gnomes, dwarves, elves and trolls!I love fantasy.Isn't it great?I think it's really good that any race can be any class archetype.You can have a gnome warrior for instance, or an ogre mage.Here is the official site:


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heh heh I love fantasy too. I haven't played Everquest yet but will check it out. There is another MMORPG that I'm waiting for: http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/

Also checkout:

Warcraft 3 (I pick the Night Elves whenever I play this game)


Age of Mythology http://www.microsoft.com/games/ageofmythology/greek_home.asp

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I've never played Everquest either, but plan on playing EQ2.EQ2 is supposed to be released this winter.World of Warcraft looks interesting too.But I can only play one MMORPG, so I opted for what I think is the better game.But I think WoW is still a good game.I may play it when I get bored with EQ2.

I've played Warcraft 3 when it first came out.Good game, but I never finished it.Played Age of Mythology too, which is very good.Haven't got it anymore though.

I'm planning on having a Shadow Knight as my main character on EQ2 :twisted: .

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