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How many of you members can drive here?


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Hahaha - I can drive and no one's asked me to drive them n e where (phew - I hated driving lessons) - 'rents worried I'll smash the car - u shd hav seen my mum sitting next 2 me the 1 time I drove with her - "mind that car" (that was 2 lanes away), "too close to the curb" (n e farther and I wld have been in the next lane)!! ... and haven't told the relatives either - and not gonna!!

On that note...congrats Amrik$ingh!!

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as far as i care bout my car, if it doesn't stop in the middle of the road and is fully equipped in terms of gas, windshield fluid, other things that make it go properly, and music, i'm happy.

having said that, i usually just take my mum or dad's car/van. hehee!

Amrik$ingh, i'd feel sorry for u if u hadn't told me u had a jag. damn u bwoi! *shakes fist at computer screen instead of Amrik$ingh* lol... just kidding. enjoy it while it lasts, sayeth i.

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infernal , i like a good performance car, keep it running at its best,

Sukhi...........i aint got a jag, but i was just saying if i had :P (its my dads):lol :

we have dis red car but its like you wont to go in this normal or diz executive style car.....

on a serious note, be careful when you drive....the consequences can be really bad

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