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What is the best diet?

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sants or those of the meditative persuasion always suggest eating satoguni.

They avoid all unnecessities (ie. tea, green and red mirch, onions, and garlic).

sabji with fulkay and not to excess, clarified butter etc, are the types of things that are eaten.

I haven't heard of too many sants say "meat shaklo" or "koi na, fish vee kha laye dee".

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I think you become siaapaie after you merge with akaal (leen in bhram) not before.

There are countless quotes in siri guroo granth sahib ji where guroo maharaj ji says that true warrior is one who conquer its mind.

I agree with you I think martial aspect of sikhi is essential but it comes after conquering your mind.

Also in the process to get milap with vahiguroo. I heard "Shastar Vidiya" is one of the vidiya that comes automatically in the feet of bhagat while doing bhagti.

Can anyone confirm this??

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Guest Sardar Moderator Singh

Neo, you are unsurpassed in your knowledge, I see that your skills have been perfected beyond the rationale human mind...welcome to the Matrix!

You are the One! heheheh!

Joking aside, I simply asked, not so much for the purpose of illustrating anything to do with Martial Arts per se, but that in line with Yogic Diets, the requirements of a 'Sant' in Diet terms is quite different from that of a 'Sipaee'.

Now, to being this into practice for 'most' of us today, who by and large are 'ghristees' and not celebate sants or yodhas, let's consider the following:

In Ayurvedic terms, diet is often linked to the 3 gunas (a similar system exists with Taoist and Tibetan cooking, where 5 humours are used for the assessment).

Whilst a celebate Monk/Nun (sant) make well require only a strict "Satvic" diet (and conversely, one who is 'actually' an active front line fighter, may require higher degrees of 'Rajasic' and 'Tamasic' foods), for the vast majority of us 'Ghristees' it is something in between, i.e. typically a mix of Satvic and Rajasic.

I raised my point about 'are we sants' since, I have seen many devoted Sangats listen to matters such as Sants only sleeping 2 hours a night and trying to emulate them, whilst holding down a full time job, family and other social realities not applicable to a Sant's lifestyle...often with some rather disturbing consequences...

Likewise, those who speak about the high protein benefits of meat and the use of alcohol under certain circumstances, I do wonder sometimes how often they are on the front line or even training hard enough to require the surplus protein and fat (or in Ayurvedic terms, 'heat').

In short, my point was addressed towards the suggested restrictions on "tea, green and red mirch, onions, and garlic", this is something more applicable to celebate sants/behengams rather than Married Ghristi Khalsa Singhs and Singhnees, in terms of Ayurvedic principles.

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Living foods, meaning fresh fruits and vegetables, are very very good for spirituality. In addition, foods like yogurt, lassi, dehi are excellent for one doing bhagti. A gursikh once told me of a special drink that helps supply energy to the brain for heavy bhagti. He called it 'tandh-i-ay' or something like that. I'll post up the recipe after I ask someone about it. I forgot :D

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One last thing, could somebody please tell me why there are suggested restrictions for tea, green and red mirch, and onions and garlic?

I find this really puzzling as all these foods have health benefits (I'm assuming the mirch means bell peppers?)

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Different body types exist.You have to learn what foods are good for you.Which food stuffs your body can handle (pach).I have learnt through trial and error what foods are good and bad for the body which I occupy.This is all Satguru Nanak Kirpa.He has bestowed His Buddhi to me, about these things.Listen to your body.See what happens when you eat certain food stuffs.

Food intolerances and allergies are a common thing.Many people go through life with minor health complaints (due to bad digestion), and put it down to getting older or just don't bother.I believe some of these health complaints are pre-cursors to major diseases like diabetes.

I believe the health of the body starts at the digestion.I think this is what Ayurveda teaches too.One more thing: Keep away from artificial sweeteners, they mess up your intestinal flora.Look after those bugs that live in your body.That is where your health is.

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No not eating Sarbloh silly, that would just be stupid - it would break your teeth, although i have been told that eating small amounts of ground iron benefits your body especially the blood. I mean the simple diet of Dhaal & Roti and not eating out, only from your own pande made from iron, not eating late at night and plenty of fruit, and all food should be made yourself while doing your mool-mantar. This is what i've been told.

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Guest Javanmard

Eat suar or pork

Eat Gai or Cow

By the way eating pork and beef is totally forbidden in most rahitnama literature. Wildboar is allowed though.

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