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Who Loves..., Baba Thakur Singh...?! Check it out...


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taken from sikhsangat forum


BASED on the amount hits the video of Baba Thakur Singh had on sikhifm.com, theres a new one which was made when he was in UK a few weeks back. it really is quite nice. Its about 3 mins long so please do go to Sikhifm.com and download n share!

Thank you!

Direct link : http://www.sikhifm.com/video_index.htm

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No they are different singh.

Baba Thakur Singh was a former acting jathedar of damdami taksal.

Gyani Thakur Singh Ji (of patiala) is student of Sachkhand Vasi Sant baba kartar singh bhindranvaley and great kathavachak of damdami taksal serving khalsa panth.

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