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Bhai Gurdas Jee: Kabitt Saveyae & the use of Wine

Guest Sardar Moderator Singh

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Guest Sardar Moderator Singh

Gur Fateh!

We have seen and heard much discussion over the past year in particular from various schools of thought on the matters surrounding the appropriate diet for Sikhs. Whilst the ongoing debate concerning food still rages on, let us consider a related debate concerning the use of intoxicants. We have seen various similar discussions on the use of Bhang amongst the Sikhs with a hint given to the use of alcohol.

Without going into the social issues surrounding the use of alcohol, references cited for its avoidance and abhorrence are usually taken from shabads from Bhagat Kabir and the certain rehitnamas. Many of these also relate to the above mentioned issues on diet more generically.

In terms of alcohol, an explicit reference can be found in Rehitnama Bhai Desa Singh, wherein he states words to the effect:-

“Another’s wife and alcohol, one who stays away from this is a good Singh. Before battle, take alcohol in moderation, otherwise do not even speak of its name”.

(Piara Singh Padam, Rehitname)

I present below another reference to the use of alcohol taken from Bhai Gurdas Jee’s Kabitt Savaiye (no. 666, albeit not so frequently cited, there have been a number of passing references in previous debates on this saveya. It is presented here in Romanised text (apologies for any errors on my part in making the transliteration) and is open to discussion as to what is actually stated here and meant by the guidance therein.

Happy debating...


Lochan anoop roop dekh murshaat bhae

Sae mukh bhirio bilok dyaan dhaar he

Anmrit bachan suni srwan bimohe aalee

Taahee muth bayn sunn surat smaari he

Jaape bentee bkhaani jihbaa thakt bhae

Taahee ke bulaae pun bentee oochaari he

Jeyse mad peene syaan dyaan bisran hoe

Taahee mad achwat chetan prkaar he.

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I noticed no one has replied to this post

I am posting 2 interpretations of this saveya - please post your views of the interpretations or your interpretation of the saveya

I look forward to reading your views,

Many Thanks

*from 'Kabitt Sawaiye Bhai Gurdas Ji Steek' - Bhai Sewa Singh - Singh Bros 2003



* From 'Kabitt Bhai Gurdas Steek' - Bhai Vir Singh - BVS Sahitya Sadan - 2000




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