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Asking Guru Jee - Please Help!!!

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Big Life events sometimes require guidance from the power above. In Sikhs case from Guru Granth Sahib Jee. I am in a situation in which I require some guidance. How can we ask Guru Jee whether to proceed with a certain task or not. I am just not sure, and would like to know whether it is wise to proceed or not.

I was thinking. Is it an acceptable practice to put the answers of my questions in a bowl in front of Guru Jee, Do ardaas, take Hukumnamaa and then which ever slip comes out to go with that?

How do some of you solve your dilema's in which you do not know which way to proceed?

Please answer ASAP!!!!!! The turmoil is killing me!!!

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Certainly the way you propose can help you get an answer. Instead of putting it in a bowl, put your questions in your heart and meditate, do padth, do simran or whatever. Slowly come out of it and make the decision while still under the influence of simran. Let him lead you into whatever is best for you.

this is the best i can help you with.

God Bless and God Speed.

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analyze the hukamnama carefully , if the hukam nama is of prasannta , then its ok to proceed on the task that you want to do . if its of " tarna"(scolding) then ask maafi(apolozise) from guru ji for anythiong that u may have done wrong . Take hukamnama 3 times , unless u get a prasannta one . If even during three times , hukamnaama of prasanta does not come , then it means that you have done something very wrong ...

mainly the shabds like sorth , dhanasri m 5 r the prasanta ones .

and the shabds like m 9 are the most stricter ones .

after taking hukamnam , take out the parchi ... and there u go .. u will get ur answer ..

1 most important thing is FAITH ... u got to have it ..

good luck ...

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nah man .. as much as we'd like to believe we can change the past or future by praying .. i dont think thats gonna work ..

well, actually im not sure .. but i doubt it

You certainly cannot change the inevitable, but you certainly can change your perception of the situation. Become more inline with teh will of God. That is what the purpose of prayer should be. Not so you can fullfill your desires, but to be content with whatever God bestows upon you.

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