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Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh

My opinion on this matter i think is a fairly straight forward and basic one and to me has made sense in the past. What SatNaam has told us through the medium of the hands of His disciples that wrote upon the Timeless scribe, was that we should become like Our Master, the embodiment of Love. The highest form of Piyaar (love) is Truth, and i feel this is the only True Love, to "become" Truth (tearing away the veil of self-involvement and realising the One that lies within"). To seek the company of His Saints is to seek the company of Our Beloved. Truth Alone is the One Sant (Ik-Oankar), and Truth Alone is Akaal. The Truth that will aid and assist us on the inner journey of self-actualization is found in which ever vessel He wishes to place it within, and at which ever time He wishes to place it there. Guru comes to our assistance in the fight with the Ego, that judges and fails to recognise the Timeless within all.

The Truth that can deliver us, can be found on the lips of a Prostitute or an egocentric slanderer, and in the singing of His Praises through Shabads. In either case we need to beg Vaheguru for the tools to let us listen and be open to this Truth. Virtue only given to us by Our Beloved. Vaheguru has great humor, and an even greater compassion to Love. The disciple who seeks His company at the feet of every man and woman, is beyond the "human" love and the source of it itself.

The highest of all Saints and Masters is Truth, and this Truth resides within the Timeless words of Gurbani. These words are whispered through the rustle of leaves, and even through the beating of a child's heart. When one seeks SatNaam's sanctuary with the Ardas of inner and outer surrender, they truely becomes like the dog that does not leave the feet of their Beloved. Regardless of how the world may look and react to them, their thirst for Truth persists till they "become" it, and in doing so see the "self" become extinguished.

The mind loves to play the game of logic, but the heart loves to become the game of Truth. The Lone Sant, is Living Truth, and Our Guru Tells us that this Truth resides in the realm of the Timeless (Sat Siri Akal - "Truth is Timeless). So whose sanctuary do we seek? If All is SatNaam, expressing SatNaam through a paintbrush on the landscape of Life, you will find Vaheguru when you no longer argue with the painter and allow yourself to become the painted.

Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh

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