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giving advice to ppl

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OK, heres the thing .. for some reason unknown to me, people see me as someone who can give good advice. I dont agree .. i think im useless at it. Anyway, the kinds of questions i get are "Im going to this party blah blah .. and im thinking of drinking for the first time", "im seeing a boy being my parents back.. do u think its right", etc.

Now im in a hard spot. Because ppl come to me for advice, not just cuz they think im a good person and smart but because they think im a model sikh? which i dont know about ..

so i have to balance my own views, with views expected from sikhs .. with what the person needs to hear, and then make it all count .. and not be cliched meaningless advice..

its bloody hard. i really feel constrained at times because my own views will be at odds from those expected from a "hardcore sikh" .. which is because i dont accept the cultural reservations of panjabis in my forming of opinion. Ok, you gotta be aware of it, and its there and no use ignorning it.. but u dont have to agree with everything just cause its culturally correct. The same goes for being culturally correct fittign in wiht western culture.

Anyways, anyone wanna give me advice (hehe.. look at the irony) on giving advice from a "sikh" perspective on daily life issues

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it would help if you would post on a specific thing you need advice on. when i give advice i think "what will be best for this person's sikhi?", "what will help their soul get closer to god the most?". I allways, as a sikh, advise against things which will lead the person away from god. I also try to explain my belief using Gurmat. Now that they understand their options (hopefully) they can make an informed decision.

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I think it depends on how other people ask you. If the people asking you aren't sikh or don't care then they don't really need to hear a sikh point of view. Example if my moderatley christian friend asks me for advice I am not going to tell him what he is doing is incorrect by citing Guru Granth Sahib.

But if someone asks you if a sikh would do something then give them that point of view. I know many people will not agree with my thinking but that is how I am. The advice you give people should be for their benefit and should be stated in terms relevant to them. To me religion is personal, and I since I'm not the perfect sikh I don't preach to others to be good sikhs.

My apologies if I have offended anyone.

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i agree with infernal monk. you can't really give sikhi advice to a person of another religon. that would just be preaching. you need to advise on their terms and to what level or stage they are at in life or religon. Even if they are not getting into religon you need to give the sort of advice that they will understand and will result in them doing good things.

If their more interested in your advice because of the maturity and sense it makes then who knows......they may even become sikhs.........WoooooOOOOOooooooHoooooooOOOOOoooooo!

From a personal level.......alot of ppl ask me for advice too.I know that i give good advice but I think that they only come and ask me because i wear a keski.....lol...... funny init!!!

Main thing is that you give the most appropriate advice.

Whisper(bring them towards sikhi if u can.......lolz)

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