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Our thoughts, desires, free will and Hukam.


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Vahiguru Ji Ka Khalsa!

Vahiguru Ji Ki Fateh!

Hukamai andar sabh ko, bahar hukam na koe.

Every Sikh of Satguru Nanak knows what the above means, literally anyway.I think generally we think of Hukam as an external force which imposes it’s majesty on us.But what about the Hukam within us?Which comes from our very own being?

Where do our thoughts, desires, free will come from?One second (or rather millisecond) there is thought, the next there is no thought.They must come from nothing, right?There is no thought in deep sleep.Our “self†doesn’t exist in deep sleep, right?When thoughts and desires do manifest in sleep, we dream.And then we plunge back to thought-less darkness, and then come back up again.Like a submarine.Some people consciously experience this submarine diving and surfacing, and they say it is very interesting.But the states of deep sleep, dreaming and waking are transient, not permanent.So our original state can’t be the void-ness of deep sleep oblivion, right?

Where do our thoughts and desires come from?What governs the synapses of the brain?Where does the Hukam come from?The Command from the atomic, sub-atomic level and beyond.Who, what moves the chess pieces of our mind?Who is good, who is evil?

Why has Parbrahm Parmeshvar, the Light beyond light, the Darkness beyond darkness (Dazzling Darkness?) always been described as “The Good†by mystics from all walks of life.It is Good, but not in the way we think of good, right?Wrong?

This is just me recalling my waking thoughts of today.Thought I should share them.Something to maybe ponder over.

Hukamai andar sabh ko, bahar Hukam na koe.

Nanak Hukamai je bujhai, ta haumai kahai na koe….

Dhan Dhan Satguru Nanak Nirankar Devaan Dev.

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