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The Ardas of Sant Rattan Singh Sevapanthi...

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Sant Rattan Singh Ji was around in the times of Sant Shaam Singh ji. (About 100ish years ago) Baba Ji lived in a small ashram in Amritsar.

One day Baba Ji had just done the Sukhasan seva of Aad Guru Granth Sahib. It was the monsoon season and it started to pour down with rain. I rained so much that the roof of the Sukhasan room of Aad Guru Granth Ji caved in. The whole room was flooded and Guru Ji was carried away by the water.

A passer by saw this and ran to Sant Ji. He told Sant Ji that the Saroop of Guru Ji had been washed away by the floods. Sant Ji replied, "How can the Guru who saves us mortals from drowning in the ocean of the world dorwn. This cannot happen!"

Sant Ji ran bare feet to the Sukhasan room, running through the floods. Sant Ji saw that the flood water was so deep that it could drown any human being who tried to cross it. Sant Ji closed his eyes and did an ardas. He asked Guru Ji to give him Partakh Darshan and wept sincerely. When Sant Ji opened his eyes he saw that the Saroop of Aad Guru Granth Sahib was floating of the topf of the water. He picked up the Saroop and was amazed to see that although Guru Ji had been submerged by water for a long time not one Ang of Guru Ji was wet!

Sant Shaam Singh documented this story in his work the Siri Bhagat Prem Parkash...A beautiful story showing the love of a Gursikh and showing the unlimited power of the Aaad Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Mahraaj!!!

Bhai kanhaiya ji sahai

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