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Senseless Dogma's within Sikhs..........!


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Here are some of them:

I can't drink water.. i ll die in thrist until somebody gets me water in sarbloh glass.

I can't take parshad or langar from you because you are not amrit-dhari sarblohi bibeki (This reminds me of bhramins not taking anything from shudras)

(Above practise is alright.. if you are doing your own thing and cooking your own food and deattached from langar (kitchen) which is not sarblohi bibeki but whats the point of being in an langar hall which is not sarblohi bibeki and hurting people's feeling ie- youths and amritdharis who are doing seva there which might lead to emotional torture.. ...thats what happens sadly.)

Mother cant eat jhoot off an infant child because chilld is not amrit-dhari and not sarblohi-bibeki... (This one is really sad).... !

Here is my favourite classic one: :LOL::LOL:

a gursikh once told me that paper towels/tissues are not suchay... what exactly makes them 'unsuchay'??

This not an attack people who follow an sarblohi bibek... its ok if you are doing your own thing in your own little domain... thats no problem... but problem is when people start belitting others because they dont follow sarbloh bibek.

So sangat ji... please post your senseless dogma's within sikhs.

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Sarbloh Babek is also a part of Akali Nihang Maryada i.e. Sanatan Sikhi. Are you trying to ridicule Akali Nihang Maryadha as well?

Singh47, you should read my post carefully first before jumping on the bandwagon and play your regular trumpet:

This not an attack people who follow an sarblohi bibek
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Next time you're in India, or better yet, next time you are in Hazoor Sahib, check out how strict the Nihang Maryadha is in terms of Sarbloh Babek is. Nihang Sarbloh Babek is so strict that even some AKJ Singhs envy them for this. Nihang Mayradha is more then just chatka/sukka which is being promoted in the UK. Again, if you want to have the true picture of Nihang Maryadha then go to India and see for yourself rather then having people tell you what it is.

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In your dictionary what you call an Singh or group of singhs who dress up like Nihangs (Aaad Chand, Farla) but they arent???????!?

There are too many pictures lying down all over the internet where singhs have ridiculed maryada of budda dal by wearing Farla which is suppose to be given to you by your gurdev/jathedar in the Nihang Dal.

How can you wear an Farla at you havent acheived/deserved from your jathedar in the Nihang Dal?? And these Singhs are not even Nihang.. They have no affilation with Nihang Dals.

Its like me walking around with an tanpura/dilruba on my back and dont know jack shit about the instruement or raag vidiya..tell me how low would that be??

Also lets stick to the topic here !

This post is dedicated towards Senseless rituals/dogma within sikhism...Singh47 you should put your views as well... we are not an wahabi forum that we wont allow what you have to say...even if its something anti-sant mahapursh.....!

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Tell me of one Singh of the AKJ who wears a Farla.

And when did it become a crime for a non-Nihang to wear a Chola, Dumala, and a Chand-Tora? I have worn that a few times in my life, and I did not do any thing wrong, because I have worn it for Guru jee, and I dont need any permission from a Nihang to wear Khalsa's Vardi, because it belongs to them as much as it does to me you or any other Sikh who beleives in Guru Granth Sahib Jee. I have never worn a Farla, because I know that a Farla can only be worn if it was given by a Nihang Jathadar.

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gurfateh ji,

the topic at hand is senseless rituals and dogma.

we have veered off into stupidity (as usual) and I would like to take this back on track....

everyone, taking any religious path, starts off with an element of blind faith and use tangibles to direct them towards the intangible. Some people will be sarbloh bibeki because they feel that is what guru gobind singh wanted; others will be bibeki because they understand what sarbloh is, why sarbloh is used, and why bibek also applies to sargun factors such as food.....each is right from their own perspective, the issue of it being a "Standard" or a means of discrimination, or a means of self propogation is when something that might just be very viable and correct becomes distasteful.

a good way to abstain from dogma's is to actually understand and learn gurbani better, do khoj of guruji, build pyaar for guruji....when you see a gursikh or your enemy (or both as it seems to be common these days) look at the virtue you want to imbibe and remember they are an "ang" of waheguru as well, and the virtue itself is a manifestation of waheguru's kirpa..

stay in chardeekallah gurmukho

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yeah the cup ones true, these gyani want it inna steel cup, rather then a glass cup

abit silly if you ask me, i dont know what make steel more special then glass, your only gonna drink something out of it, aslong as it is washed, then i dont see the problem

plastic ones funny, some say because plastic is made out of petrol it effects the taste of what your drinking overall, especially milk :LOL: :lol:

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actually i think steel cups are da best

becoz, plastic cups can crack, plus they aint very strong..., they can be broken easily, good insulater though :LOL:

glass cups , there dangerous because when they drop the glass obviously shatter's and is hazardous

but steel cups, mainly stainless steel cups, they arent affected by hot or cold temperatures, when they drop on the floor they wont break, they are very strong and wont lose shape very easily, they last long, there hard to break, easy to clean, if damaged they can be mented with engineering tools, lol and i cant think of any more, but now i know why gyani's prefer steel dai cup.........

apnay are clever :LOL: :lol:

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"I can't drink water.. i ll die in thrist until somebody gets me water in sarbloh glass."

I don't know much about sarbloh bibeki, but I remember reading that a Sikh can make a sacrifice for the Lord to be drawn even closer to Him. For example, not eating from outside, or only eating from sarbloh. This is from Bandgi Nama.

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