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Comparing Religions

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Hi Y'all..Hope all is well for you..

I am done with my education.., but I am going out of my way to gain a few more credentials..So, I need your help..

I have to give a formal speech in regards to Religion. The catch to this is ..that it is one of those comparative religion things where I need to compare: Islam (Muhammad) , Christianity (Jesus Christ), and Sikhism (Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji)..

In this speech, I need to talk about specific similarities and differences between the various teachers and the religions themself. The similarities can vary from physical features, moral ideas, family background, followers (disciples), sequence of life events, age, birthdate, parents, and anything else (this can apply to the differences as well).....

..and questions to keep in mind are (..this is what I need to address or get to..)..

#1 Could these religious figures be the same "person" phyiscally? Ideologically?

#2 Could these religious figures be different yet have the same ideologcal views?

I will need to set up my audience..so that they can provide their opinions based on the two questions above.

I know many have you done comparative stuff for your religions class before..if anyone of you have your papers...please send them my way.. ( Religion is not my thinggg of specialty)..LOL...So, hopefully all ya's will help me through it..

Just add about anything that pretains to this topic..

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yeah well you could try Google for comparing or about.com ( its a great site )

im sure you'll do a good comparison once you find the facts yourself and compile it.

Getting it off others will be good as well but that would make you less prepared -- might need more time to read and understand it -- whereelse if you find it you are understanding it, reading it and it'll hardly take an effort answering questions from the audience later on

hope that helps

=my two cent worth=

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