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Simran Introductional- I lost my father!


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got it from sikhpal...something to ponder upon.

Simran Introductional- I lost my father!

Gurmukho, Fateh Parwan Karna Jeo,

W A H E G U R U - J I - K A - K H A L S A,

W A H E G U R U - J I - K I - F A T E H !!

Gurmukh Pyareo, our family members are so dear to us. Our mom, dad, brothers and sisters, Granma's and Grandpa's are our entire life. These are the people that help us when we are down and these are the very souls that we want to support through our hard work.

And think for a moment about how we would feel if we come home one day and find out that Our father hasnt returned home from work. That he is been missing for hours and no one knows where he is. How would you feel at that moment? Would you be upset or cry maybe? Would you call the cops or get into your car and look for him?

Most people would scour the streets of their town looking for their beloved father. They wouldnt rest until they recieved a word that their father was okay or that maybe he was in a hospital or something. Wouldnt you ( the reader) feel the same? Wouldnt you?

But Gurmukho, Our father is lost! Yes, he is lost and we dont even care about him. Isnt that sad? Isnt that a shame? The father that is made of flesh and blood, we start to cry over him but the father who created this earthly father, we dont even care about him. Isnt that something? Why??

Your Job, your love interest, your bank account, your weekends are more important to you but Waheguru? Waheguru di kaun parwa karda hai aj kal. Waheguru is safe and sound in a Gurudwara. Haina?

Pyareo, utho, jaggo, apne preetam nu pehchano, apne Malik nu yaad karo, apne Thakur nu milan da yatan karo. Utho khalsa ji!

Clubbing, Drinking, Hanging out with your so-called Friends, Cutting your hair to mack it out there and to impress the society will all come to an end one day ( Very Very Soon ).

And then what? What will you do then? Who will you turn to? Ever been to the butchers? Have you looked directly into the eyes of an animal about to be slaughtered? Imagine how that animal feels. Apni kismat aap likh rahe ho Khalsa ji.

" Es dehi teh Ram Basat hai, Tahi ko Pehchanoo"!!

Sukhbir S Bedi

New York

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