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Britain wants more Sikhs in its army


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Britain wants more Sikhs in its army

Press Trust of India

Posted online: Thursday, October 14, 2004 at 2136 hours IST

New Delhi, October 14: With the aim of attracting more Sikhs to its army, Britain has relaxed uniform rules for the community.

"As of today there are less than 100 Sikhs serving in the British armed services, but we are working with the Sikh communities in the UK to attract more," British High Commissioner Michael Arthur said, delivering the first Maharaja Ranjit Singh memorial lecture on "Anglo-Sikh Relations" here on Thursday.

"We have adapted our uniforms to suit their needs," Arthur said.

Lauding the contribution of Sikhs to the British army, he said at the time of First World War, Sikhs formed 20 per cent of the British army. That meant 100,000 Sikhs.

"In the 100 years to 1945, there were some 14 Victoria Crosses awarded to Sikhs. On a per capita basis, given the size of Sikh regiments, that must be a record for the entire British armed forces," he said

Please Discuss ! :D :D

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Ek Oankar Wahiguru Ji Ki Fateh

visit site www.army.mod.uk

There you can apply online.

you should be commenwealth(including Indian,australian or canadian) citizen or Irish national or British citizen. If you are dual citizen one of it shouold be british.

more details will be there on website.

it is not compulsary that you should be in UK for application.

age for making application from overseas

16 to 29 years

best of luck

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10 YEARS On....

I had to bump this one up:

Given their recent stark losses in Iraq and Afghanistan, I'm not surprised that the British were/are looking for Sikhs to rescue them from their stupid adventures..... lol

In retrospect, personally, I'm glad Sikhs didn't jump on the loser bandwagon.

These people have lost the plot.

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If every single sikh man and woman joined the various armies around the world let alone the british one there will be far too less violence in their community!

Do you really believe this will solve the problem of violence in the community? I don't think so. When those sikhs took their talwaars out to kill each other at the Golden Temple recently, I was bombarded with so many questions at my workplace and I was too embarrassed to answer them. I did tell them to write to the Golden Temple if they really cared to know what really happened.

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