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Which one? :S

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Umm, who made the Panthic rehat maryada? what is it and why should we follow it only? I heard only the Panth has authority to make major decisions about rehat, so why doesnt everyone follow it? in addition to this, were mahapurush involved in making it? how does it differ from the others?

Should I be following it?

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Guest Sardar Moderator Singh

It would be interetsing to also noe that the much celebrated Gyani Ditt Singh of the Tat Khalsa Singh Sabha Lahore (the predecessors of the SGPC) actually in his writings supported the move to prevent the so-called 'lower' castes from participating in certain Sikh functions and rites. This has always been something that has confused me as Gyani Jee himself is from a similar background (hence some of his opponents).

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holding differences with the mazhbi's is something that english historians noted as early as 1806( from lt. malcolm's book).

A gurbhai and very close friend of baba mohan singh (from taksal) mentioned how baba mohan singh will not take food from mazbhi singhs either...so if the taksal is "panthic", this is something that is somewhat adhered to within themselves (although I do believe that baba takur singh is part of the sant smaaj.)

Brahmins are also given eminence within khalsa dharam shastar (from what I have heard in passing). Written by mahapurkhs or not, I find most of what draws me to sikhi within gurbani and history books that show aspects of our sikh heritage.

either way, I am looking forward to reading the excerpts and possibly getting a copy of it.

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