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Lockwood Kipling woodcut


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A woodcut of Harmandir Sahib Circa 1870 (Lockwood Kipling collection V&A )

Unfortunately this one has been 'coloured in ' by somone - but it is interesting to note the Miri Piri Nishan Sahibs and the Nishan Sahib above the Har ki pauri - with their different emblems.

Also the boat in the sarowar - which the inscription says is only brought out at Divali .

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Woodcuts were frequesntly coloured prior to being sold - these represent the most unpretentious of all sikh art and woudl have been exactly the kind of images that our great grandparents woudl have bought for a few paisa from a major gurdwara to take back to pind.

Since they were the most disposable of Sikh art very few remain - John Lockwood Kipling (Rudyard Kiplings father) with great foresight meneged to collect a good number that are rpeserved in the V&A


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