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The Tribune, Chandighard


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Hey take a look at this article I found at the the Tribune India news paper. What do you think of this article?

Tributes paid to Satguru Ram Singh

From Our Correspondent

RAYIAN (Ludhiana), Feb 10 — The research-based study project undertaken by Guru Nanak Dev University on the life and contribution of Sat Guru Ram Singh, founder of the Namdhari sect, would be given further impetus. The Baba Ram Singh Chair has already been set up for this purpose.

This was stated by the Information and Public Relations Minister, Mr Natha Singh Dalam, while presiding over a state-level function organised by the state government on the parkash utsav of Sat Guru Ram Singh here today.

He said Sat Guru Ram Singh launched a crusade against the British rule and the non-cooperation concept given by him had shaken the British raj. He continued the struggle for India’s independence peacefully and through non-violence.

Lauding the contribution of Sat Guru Ram Singh for eradication of social evils and bringing awakening among the people Mr Dalam said it had contributed in a big way for social transformation. The real tribute to Baba Ram Singh would be to follow his ideals and make this universe an abode of peace, progress and prosperity, he said.

Mr Dalam said that 80 per cent of the warriors who made supreme sacrifices for the noble cause belonged to Punjab. He said movements like Kuka movement had their origin in Punjab and Punjabis fought bravely against the British raj.

Mr Dalam said the Punjab Government had taken various steps for perpetuating the memory of Sat Guru Ram Singh and other Kuka warriors by setting up memorials. The state government had already approached the Central Government for installing a life size portrait of Sat Guru Ram Singh in the Central Hall of Parliament.

The Minister said the village middle school would be upgraded to the high school level and the birth place of Sat Guru Ram Singh Ji would be developed.

Mr Dalam presented a draft for Rs 5.59 lakh to the Namdhari trust on behalf of the Punjab Government for setting up Rs 10 lakh night soil based bio-gas plant by the Punjab Energy Development Agency under national bio-gas development programme of the Ministry of Non-Conventional Energy Sources.

The Speaker of the Punjab Vidhan Sabha, Mr Charanjit Singh Atwal, also paid rich tributes to Sat Guru Ram Singh.

Sat Guru Jagjit Singh Ji, head of the Namdhari sect, and various leaders of different political parties and social groups participated in the function and paid their rich tributes to Sat Guru Ram Singh.

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