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Parbrahm Pleasure

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If you don't already, I recommend remembering Vahiguru during every pleasurable moment of your life.And I mean every :wink: .

Acknowledge where that pleasure comes from and thank It for it.There is only the One, All is One.Sensual pleasure, emotional pleasure, transcendental pleasure.Always remember and thank Vahiguru for the pleasure in your life.

Everytime you eat chocolate, are ecstatic etc. - that's Parbrahm Pleasure.

Ooooooh lovely, Vahiguru....

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Thanks Neo Singh.If we can just associate pleasure with Vahiguru, then we won't forget Vahiguru in pleasure too.It's very common that most people never remember Vahiguru in pleasure only in pain.Even an athiest will remember their Creator when in a bad situation.It is Vahiguru that grants you pleasure in this life full of pain :cry: .

We all like our pleasure, thanks to Vahiguru Nanak.May He grant all of you Anand.

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