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November 1984


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Dedicated to all those who gave so much in 1984 -- Lakh Parnam

These images haunted my teenage years - and continue to do so

We must never Forget.

(apologies for quality - a mixture of being old & 80's inky newspapers)

Sardar Beant Singh - Body guard of Indira Gandhi


(*Source Daily Mail Nov 9 1984)

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This post has no "Hate Filled agenda" -- just a mark of respect to the victims.

Please do not turn this thread into a platform of hate - I just wanted to share some disturbing images from the time - that deeply affected me.

As a 14yr old in England at the time - I couldn't and still cannot imagine what horrors were committed.

Many Thanks

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for one thing i am not even born in india and for the record have not even stepped a single foot in india

I HATE it ever since knowing what happened during those days.

It saddens me to see so many of India born Sikhs seem to have forgotten what happened 20 years ago. Nothing angers and saddens me more than that fact.

I was born and raised in Malaysia, so were my parents. Malaysia being a muslim country, it is special to note that Sikhs are more respected here than in INDIA!

In my small city (ipoh) there are at least 20 Gurdawaras. All around Malaysia there are about 150 gurdawaras.

So i ask you, my brothers and sisters, change my view about the current India, i am trying to outgrow my hate for India, and subconsciously the minority of some of India's ignorant Sikhs

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Gurfateh !

Apologies to all those who sent requests to repost the pictures - sorry about the delay - the cuttings were in storage

I have reposted the pictures

Here are some more ;

An Artists impression of the moment Gandhi was shot

* From The Sunday Times 4 Nov 1984


The Charred remains of Sikhs on the Streets of Delhi


Burnt and beaten bodies of Sikhs on the back of a Truck


Refugee Camps in Delhi

* The Times Nov 6 1984




The Widows - *from the Cover of a Republic of Khalistan Publication


A Half Page Advertisement from the Guardian Thursday January 17 1985

placed by British Sikhs calling for an inquiry into the Killings


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