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Prayers!!!!!!! a business???

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hi all,

just thought i'd share my thoughts with you.

Just a couple of weeks ago, i went to the new Gurdwara in Southall and i gota say..its fantastic, there is always non- sikhs coming in and visiting it as well as ourselves here and the architecture is so cool!

But when i was sitting amongst the sangat..i noticed granthis (people reading gurbanis) in about 10 'phone booth' looking compartments!! They were carrying out prayers for people who have requested them to do so.

Now my thought on this is...shouldnt those people who 'pay' these people to read prayers do it themselves or atleast be present while its being read? It just doesnt make sense, (not that i am sooo against it..my views are just a thought).

Guru Ji always said that we shouldnt pay or rely on others to prayer 'for us'...you gotta do it yourself..right?

any way, thats just my thought..i dont want to be picky on what others do..but its common sense..its just weird to see people getting others to do their prayers..is this a business? :? :? :?

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Sikhism does not have priests, which were abolished by Guru Gobind Singh. The Guru felt that they had become corrupt and full of ego. Sikhs only have custodians of the Guru Granth Sahib (granthi), and any Sikh is free to read the Guru Granth Sahib in the Gurdwara (a Sikh temple) or in their home. This is our fault that we are lazy and finding alternative ways to perform our religious duties...

We should not blame granthis but ourselves. This is unacceptable to perform any ardas remotly while sitting home. This is not Sikhism but commercial way of performing sikh duties...

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those seperate booths are for akhand paaths. the gyanis inside are doing continious recitation of the guru granth sahib for a particular event. it looks a bit dodgy yes, but they have to have little soundproof compartments so the main programme does not interfere with their reading.

i think its a bit excessive to have 10, but its a good idea.

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aint it just like havin an akandh paat??? :?

u have to pay the gurdwara for the akhand paat - yeh i do agree that doin it urself is the best thing - but not everyone has a shri guru granth sahib at home

if u do do a akhand paat then one member of the family should always be present to either do kraa parshad di seva - and also listen to the gurbani

ive heard of peopel who arrange a akhand paat - be there for the opening and then dissapear for 3 days until the bhog :shock: lol

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Its all good but you can't beat doing it yourself, and being present in the seva, alot of ppl nowadays just "pay and prey" ..sad ..but its kalyug :LOL:

your sooo right,u cant beat doing it yourself. I remember before i used to be just proud to say im sikh 'N' this and that. But then i started reading the Gurbani online (doing roughly 10 pages per week and thoroughly understanding it)....IT IS VERY ADDICTIVE ONCE YOU GET READING IT. You just want to read more and more and more and more. Its amazing how you can read it online and also in english.

Its all well how people JUST bow down to GGS but many dont make an effort to read or understand it properly (theyre just doing things ritually rather than 'doing' something) . I would advise them to make an effort to read it ..even for 5 mins of your time a day.

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Hey uk girl

U are totally right.. that prayer is wrong.. i mean totally useless.. priest are doing this to make money and ppl are thinking that they are doing good deeds. Actually , nothing is happening here. Its just a business as u said. i know u don't like that and also want to stop that. but there is nothing can be done, as long as priest don't stop it by them self. and they won't stop and if they stop.. they can't make money?? So its all about money... if u really wanna stop this.. then pay those priest big amount of money .. believe me..they will stop!!!!!!!

This is what i wanna say to u.... god is watching all this... let the things happening as it happen... only u and me just not know this .. God knows this too ... so why we should afraid if God is here?? Hey (sorry dont' know your name) just don't join those ppl...ok .. rab rakha.

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Its all good but you can't beat doing it yourself, and being present in the seva, alot of ppl nowadays just "pay and prey" ..sad ..but its kalyug

i agree wit u . this's all our fault. this's all coz da lack of our parchar. in so many gurdwaras, akhand paath is booked in phone. sangat send their bheta by cheques n get hukamnamaa at bhog time by mail or byu letter.

v hav 2 do parchar in sangat ke ardas apne dilon keeti suni jandi hai. sanagt thinks tht granthi singh is more closer 2 waheguru ji than us. so they prefer 2 do ardas frm him .

but truth is if a person is doing ardas by himself i thing guru hears tht before.

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