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dont enter this one.

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...clap ur hands?!... :LOL:

show it to who? things shouldn't be done for 'show' especially when its concerning sikhi. its important to be sincere. a relationship with your guru is a very personal one.

concerning physical appearance, we have been blessed with a very distinct identity; Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji wanted His singhs to be visable in crowds of thousands, which has been achieved; we've been blessed with a beautiful roop.

if you have piaar for sikhi then begin by showing it through doing your paath, trying to understand it, be a chardi kalaa person & attempt to change small things about yourself to encapsulate sikhi.

probably a failed attempt to approach your question; let me know. :)

bhul chuk maaf


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Sat Sri Akal:

OOOOOh....rhymes...let me try:

If you're a Sikh and you know it, tie a dastaar,

If you're a Sikh and you know it, keep the panj kakkar,

If you're a Sikh and you know it, put a Khanda on your car,

If you're a Sikh and you know it, show Gurbani some pyarr,

If you're a Sikh and you know it, know how to use a kirpan and a talwaar.

How I do???

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How about organising a massive langar for the whole of Southall :wink: (only cos I live close to it, ulterior motive) and serving lassi, saag and makki di roti with extra makhani to leave no doubt that you are a Sikh! :LOL:

Ok, seriously I would second kaur@gurusfeet's post! :P

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M Ji - I agrre wiv dat post...

"show" isnt da rite thing i dont think.

You can do all the Paaht, kirtan, praise etc in the world... but if ur not a nice person then it dont matter. Sikhi guides u to do ur Paaht - but luk at all these spiritual ppl, they r the NICEST ppl in the world - in ma opin....

Doing that liccle bit extra is so GOOD....!!!!!! Kane the Seva...!!

You know i know sum ppl hu do Seva at da Gudwara at night cus dey DONT wana show it off!!!! For that specific reason.

Oh yeah - in if u wana be a Sikhi - TRUE Sikhyeah - dont clap your hands!!! Naam Japu....

Fateh Ji...

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